Crooked Cop’s Four-Day Prison Sentence Slashed To One Day

John Hockenjos, an MTA worker, was charged with reckless endangerment for allegedly try to run over a police officer.
Hockenjos (Source:

Diego Palacios, the police officer kicked off the force after his bogus arrest of a Sheepshead Bay man, may have been sentenced to four days in prison – but he served only one night.

New York Post picked up on our exclusive story last week – without giving credit to Sheepshead Bites – noting that Palacios pleaded guilty in exchange for a sentence of four days in prison and his resignation from the NYPD. The paper learned that Palacios had to spend only a single night behind bars, though.

Palacios was imprisoned after the Thursday afternoon hearing, in which he admitted to filing a false police report that claimed Sheepshead Bay resident John Hockenjos attempted to run the officer over with his car. That four-day sentence meant that Palacios would have been a free man again on Sunday.

But the sweetheart deal for a man who nearly put an innocent man in jail for seven years got even sweeter for Palacios: state law requires that inmates scheduled for discharge on a weekend should be freed on Friday.

Palacios spent the night in jail, and was freed the next day.

Hockenjos is fuming over the short prison sentence, and afraid for his safety.

“He’s a free man to do whatever he wants,” Hockenjos told Sheepshead Bites last week. “And I have to be in pure fear that there could be retribution. I should not be in this position.”

Video that saved Hockenjos from heading to prison after being falsely accused by Palacios of attempting to run him down in his car.

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  1. Call me old-fashioned, but I think Palacios should have spent at least as much time in jail as the man whose life he tried to ruin. That, and a few years more.

  2. Old fashioned you are. Nowadays we worry about the criminals rights, and damned the victim, who cares about him.

  3. Just look at the other story of the barber in Coney Island who spent 9 days at Rikers just for walking down the street after Sandy.

  4. No one will do anything about this it will be forgotten in a week and it will continue to happen over and over.

  5. Unfortunately you are right…we are like a damn herd for them
    and they know it. They steal from us and abuse their authority. I publicly hate cops…and I do acknowledge there are a few good cops out there. Look this
    NYPD Pig Hassan Hamdy murder someone just because he cut
    him off….you know that happens sometimes to everyone too, so we should all go nuts and start killing people. I bet this pig will lie in his report. Someone
    made this comment and I agree with it “what if a person shot a cop when they got pulled over because they feared for their life since police kill people for the same reason?” Nothing will change until people unite and take actions….apparently talking makes no difference

  6. If things continue they way they are bad things are going to start happening. Look at what one of their own did in LA. One guy had Southern Cali shook for a week. One guy. What happens if its 100 or 1,000 maybe 10,000 guys that say fuck it we had enough? With all these civilian disarmament laws being proposed and passed across the country its only a matter of time.

  7. Everyone is Equal in the Kingdom of Bloombergistania – However, The Queen’s Gestapo is far more equal than you peasants. Every Peasant must learn to fall at the feet of the heroic gestapo and be willing to perform any spousal services that the heroic gestapo demands- Mere peasants have no rights in Bloombergistania. Your live belong to the Queen, your property belongs to The Queen and you must ask permission for anything you wish to do.

    You must worship the Heroic Gestapo, they do nothing that The Queen does not wish, therefore they ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

    How dare you miserable peasants dare question this Heroic Gestapo’s shooting of the non-compliant peasant, he had a drink that night and was driving! Clearly he was an insubordinate peasant who was dealt with accordingly.

    As for the travesty of Heroic Officer Palacios, it is a disgrace that this heroic gestapo lost his job and spent an evening in prison – Have you peasants no feelings?

  8. That guy Chris Dorner was a people cop. Everyday people are not stupid…it just we act and talk like a herd. General public either hates pigs or fear these scumbags of one primary example is Mr. Hockenjos..RIP Chris Dorner

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