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Crime Wave Alert: Manhattan Beach


The Manhattan Beach Community Group shot off a warning to members about an emerging crime wave. According to police reports in the past week at least three vehicles were broken into and the valuables stolen. The items taken included a GPS unit, a laptop, and cash. While police speculate the perpetrator could be someone with a drug problem, it could be anyone.

Listen up residents! It’s time to be aware. Don’t leave valuables in your car. Put it out of sight or bring it home with you. Keep an eye out and pay attention to your surroundings, but remember you’re not Batman! If you see something  or someone doing something suspicious, dial 911 and wait for help!

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  1. From what I know 61 precinct has the most auxiliary police officers compared to other boroughs. While they do not carry firearm, they do serve to help deter crimes in our neighborhoods. Just that I hardly see them anywhere in the evening or weekend. Whatever happen to that patrol group hired by MBCG?

  2. Ah yes, a GPS unit, laptop, cash. Reminds of the time some guy said he parked his car in a lot on Emmons Ave. to grab a bite to eat and someone stole thousands of dollars from his car.

    I don't believe a minute of it. This is the time of year when people invent tax write-offs and bogus insurance claims.

  3. Sad that I just like visiting the MBCG page to see my favorite Little Italy haunt as their header image. Actually wished there was a restaurant like Sambuca Cafe in SB or Manhattan Beach.


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