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Crime Report: Assaults, Thefts from Homes and Fraud


A thief robbed a 36-year-old man as he was taking out the trash from his home on Carlton Avenue near Lafayette Avenue at 4:15 am on May 5. He told police that as he was going back inside, the thief came from behind and pushed him into his house. The thief said, “Give me your stuff” and took the man’s black wallet. The thief then went upstairs and took a black bicycle and a purple bicycle and ran out of the house carrying them on his shoulders. Police searched but could not find the thief.

Including the above crime, 22 felonies and four arrests were reported in the 88th Precinct between May 5 and May 11. Locals also reported assaults, a pickpocketing on the B38 bus and thefts from homes.


-Police arrested Kaiser Saleh, 31, for allegedly assaulting a 54-year-old man on May 7. Police said the man entered Rocky Deli at 721 Fulton Street, where Saleh was working, and started knocking things off the shelves. Saleh allegedly took out a baton and slammed it down on the counter to scare off the man. The man started climbing over the counter and Saleh allegedly hit him on head. The man was treated at Brooklyn Hospital Center for lacerations to the top of his head. Saleh is charged with assault in the second and third degrees, menacing in the third degree, criminal possession of a weapon, harassment in the second degree, and attempted assault in the second degree, according to the Kings County District Attorney’s office.

-A group of women kicked a 31-year-old woman and pummeled her with umbrellas as she was walking on North Portland Avenue near Auburn Place on May 9 at 8:30 a.m. Emergency medical technicians treated her for cuts to her lip and forehead. Police could not say how many attackers were in the group or what their motive was.

-Police arrested Carlos Jarrin, 54, for whipping a 16-year-old girl with a black leather belt in the Ingersoll Houses on May 9. The girl was treated on scene by EMTs. Police could not say what the relationship is between Jarrin and the girl. Jarrin is charged with assault in the third degree, menacing in the second and third degree, attempted assault in the third degree, harassment in the second degree, endangering the welfare of a child and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, according to the Kings County District Attorney’s office.

Break In Arrest

Police arrested Arthur Chalk, 56, for allegedly breaking into an apartment building on Lefferts Place near Grand Avenue on May 8 at 12:45 a.m. Police found alleged signs of forced entry after a female passer-by noticed Chalk forcing his way into the building. Police said they found Chalk sitting on the fourth floor stairwell, and told police that “I let myself in” and that he was trying to get into an apartment on that floor. Police said that Chalk does not live in the building and was not an invited guest of anyone in the building. The Kings County District Attorney’s office could not provide information on the charges.

Package Theft 

A thief stole several packages left by UPS, including one containing a Photive CYREN Bluetooth speaker worth $55, from the lobby of an apartment building on Clermont Avenue near Park Avenue on May 8. A 33-year-old woman told police that she saw video surveillance of a six-foot-tall black man wearing an orange construction hard hat, jeans and a red-striped hoodie buzzing multiple apartments. When someone let him in, he rummaged through the packages and opened hers, which contained the speaker. He took the speaker and several other packages and ran off.

Thefts from Homes

-A 31-year-old woman told police that a burglar took a Samsung LED 32-inch television and jewelry worth $350 after breaking into her apartment on Gates Avenue near Waverly Avenue on May 8.

-A 38-year-old woman told police that a thief stole a MacBook, several pieces of silver jewelry and cash from her apartment on Vanderbilt Avenue near Fulton Street on May 8. She told police that she had locked her door when she left at noon and it was unlocked when she came back at 10 p.m. Police could not say how much cash had been taken.

Theft at Tillary Street Women’s Shelter

Police arrested Tonya Ruthledge, 51, for allegedly stealing a 21-year-old fellow Tillary Street Women’s Shelter resident’s orange purse, with her New York State identification, Capital One debit card and $24 in cash. Police said they had video surveillance of Ruthledge taking the purse and that they found the cash in her right boot. The Kings County District Attorney’s office could not provide information on the charges.

Theft at Store

Three thieves stole two Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones from the T-Mobile store at 436 Myrtle Avenue on May 8. A store worker told police she returned from her lunch break in the back room and noticed two men standing near a merchandise display. Another man caused a distraction near the register while the two thieves grabbed the phones. The worker tried to block the exit, but one of the thieves pushed her out of the way as they ran out. Police said she was not hurt.

Theft on B38 Bus

A pickpocket stole a 75-year-old woman’s wallet while she was riding the B38 bus on May 9. She told police that she boarded the bus at Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue, and put her blue Coach leather wallet inside her right jacket pocket after she paid the fare. She said that a man bumped into her on the bus, but couldn’t describe him.

Theft at Pratt Institute

A 19-year-old man told police that someone stole his Canon Rebel EOS DSLR camera, lenses and camera bag worth $1,900 from a locker in a Pratt Institute studio on May 11.

Thefts on Street

-A thief stole a 22-year-old woman’s leopard pattern wallet and Boost Mobile ZTE cellphone while she was fighting another woman on May 5 on Flatbush Avenue Extension near DeKalb Avenue. She told police that she dropped her cellphone and wallet while she was fighting and someone in the surrounding crowd picked it up.

-A thief stole a 42-year-old man’s black leather wallet, with his New York State identification card, Astoria Federal Bank Visa card and PayPal Visa card, from where he had left it for two minutes on the front steps to his apartment building on Washington Avenue near Park Avenue while he went back inside his apartment on May 8.

Green Dot MoneyPak Card Scam

A con artist scammed an 85-year-old woman out of $100,000 using the Green Dot MoneyPak card scheme on May 5. The woman reported the theft to the police the next day when she realized she had been conned.

Bank Account Fraud

A 66-year-old woman told police on May 5 that someone deposited two checks totaling $3,600 into her Wells Fargo account on March 27 and then made two withdrawals totaling $1,600. She said that she had previously lost her debit card and identification.

Cellphone Fraud

A 64-year-old man told police on May 6 that someone had used his personal information to open three Verizon accounts in his name. He discovered the fraud when he received a bill from Verizon for $400.40.

Debit Card Fraud

A woman told police on May 9 that someone charged $118 on her TD Bank debit card at CVS two days before. She said she had lost her wallet in the store and that someone used her card shortly after.

Theft from Car

A thief smashed a rear window of a car parked on Hall Street near Park Avenue and stole a built-in entertainment system worth $1,200 on May 9. A 26-year-old man told police he had parked his car at 8:30 a.m. and came back at 5 p.m. to find the system gone. The system included a satellite navigation system, television, radio and camera.

Car Thefts

-A thief stole a 42-year-old woman’s 2011 Toyota Camry parked on Clinton Avenue near Greene Avenue. She told police that she had parked her car at 4 p.m. on May 7 and came back the next morning to find it gone.

-A 39-year-old man told police that he had left his 2012 Honda CRV parked overnight on May 8 on Washington Avenue near Lafayette Avenue and discovered it was missing when the next morning.

Domestic Violence

Police arrested Lionel Hudson, 30, on May 9 for allegedly punching and biting his 24-year-old girlfriend as she was driving on Third Avenue two days before. She told police that they were arguing in the car when he punched her in the face and partially bit off the nipple of her right breast. She ran out of the car at a red light and went to Long Island College Hospital. Police said that she had two black eyes, a bruised forehead, scratches on her neck and that her nipple had to be reattached. Hudson is charged with assault in the first, second and third degrees, attempted assault in the third degree, menacing in the third degree and harassment in the second degree, according to the Kings County District Attorney’s office.


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