Crime Blotter: Knifepoint Robbery, Using Your Head, Cop Impersonator On The Loose

Photo by Ned Berke
The 62nd Precinct station house, 1925 Bath Avenue. (Photo by Ned Berke)

Here’s our roundup of some of the crime reports that happened in and around Bensonhurst in the last two weeks, courtesy of the NYPD’s 62nd Precinct.

  • A man standing on the corner of Dahill Road and 65th Street at 10:25am, on May 9, was approached by another stranger who asked for money. When the victim said he had no money, police say the perp drew a kitchen knife. He took what he stole and ran down 24th Avenue where he was later positively identified by police and arrested.
  • While police were trying to help a man into an ambulance on May 16, the man started resisting and head butted an officer, who sustained swelling and bruising to his face, according to the police report.
  • A fraudster dressed in a full NYPD uniform targeted two homes, one on Bay Ridge Parkway and another on Ovington Avenue, accompanied by phony phone calls on May 15 and 16. According to police, the fake cop went to residents doors and demand $8,000. The imposter then said if the money was not together in 45 minutes to an hour, the randomly targeted residents would be arrested. Both victims told cops they received calls from a 347 number that instructed them to comply with the officer. The man has been described as wearing dark sunglasses and having a dimple on his left cheek.
  • Police were called to a burglary in progress at Flash Auto Repair on Bath Avenue on May 8th at 3:10am, and found a man exiting a hole in a fence. Officers chased the man down the alleyway, tackled him to the ground, and found burglary tools and two envelopes of heroin on him, says cops. The commercial property had been broken into with a cutter tool and a van in the lot was pried open.