Creating 50 Feet Of Art On 4th Avenue: Mural Artist Miguel Del Real

Mural Artist Miguel Del Real creating "Intersections"
Mural Artist Miguel Del Real creating “Intersections.” (Photo by Donny Levit / South Slope News)

When is a piece of art work truly complete? Artists, art historians, and theorists have debated this question forever. Of course, there is no true answer.

The experience of watching an artist develop their work is rare. It’s often exciting and inspirational.

Artist Miguel Del Real is creating a love letter of sorts to the neighborhood. If you’re quick, you can head over to 4th Avenue (between Prospect Avenue and 17th Street) to watch it happen.

Del Real’s mural is titled “Intersections,” and it spans 50 feet of 4th Avenue, nestled under the Prospect Park Expressway.

Miguel Del Real's Intersections
Miguel Del Real’s “Intersections” in development on 4th Avenue. (Photo by Donny Levit / South Slope News)

“Intersections” is part of the Gowanus Public Art Project, a series of seven works, funded by Council Member Brad Lander, that creates new platforms for public art and new opportunities for artists, while at the same time showcasing Gowanus’ unique past, present, and future. Additional funding is being provided by NYC DOT’s Arts Program.

Del Real tells us that he didn’t fully stencil or sketch out the mural. “I had an idea visually, but I am inspired by the area while I work.”

Del Real’s art is not limited to mural art — his mediums also include screen printing, acrylics, and illustration. However he has worked on murals in a variety of places.

Miguel Del Real
Miguel Del Real (Photo by Donny Levit / South Slope News)

“I’m originally from Chicago,” say Del Real. “I’ve done work on murals there, and recently in Oaxaca, Mexico.”

He’s already a fan of the neighborhood. “The diversity on this block is wonderful. It’s different than Chicago, where the neighborhoods are more segregated. It helps to inspire the fusion of color on the mural.”

Del Real isn’t creating alone. His wife, Melanie Del Real is very important to the mural’s development. “She’s able to fill in a lot of the details while I think of the larger vision of the mural.”

The shadows underneath the Prospect Expressway help accentuate the movement and texture of the mural. Because of the ever-changing light, you’re sure to get a variety of experiences throughout the day.

Miguel Del Real's "Intersections"
Miguel Del Real’s “Intersections” in its developmental phase. (Photo by Donny Levit / South Slope News)

The official unveiling of the completed mural is planned for Thursday, October 15 at 11am. In the meantime, you are invited to stop by, view the work in development and chat with Del Real this week. He will be there creating from 8am-6pm each day between now and Friday, October 9.

If only the cars zipping down the Prospect Expressway knew what they were driving over.

You can visit Miguel Del Real’s website to view more of his work and learn more about the projects by Arts Gowanus. The official unveiling of “Intersections” will take place Thursday, October 15 at 11am.