Craigslist Works (With Sheepshead Bites’ Help) In Getting Fallen Branch Removed

Fidler smash! Fidler bash! Fidler make city agency do job! (Source photo courtesy of

Yesterday we told you about a Craigslist post in which a Batchelder Street man (oh, and the manliness of said man was never fact-checked, so it may just be a wo-man) asked someone to come and give new life to a fallen tree branch that the city forgot about, and which was creating an eyesore on the block.

Today we got an e-mail from the poster, who turned out to be a reader, saying that another reader, Councilman Lew Fidler, got in touch to help out.

FYI, I got a response to my tree limb Craigslist post today from Lew Fidler’s office thanks to your article on Sheepshead Bites. They are going to help and arrange to have the branch removed.
Sheepshead Bites has come through for me yet again! Thank you so much!

So tip o’ the hat to the poster for taking his/her gripes to the interwebs (a truly revolutionary idea we certainly never would have thought of), and to Lew Fidler’s office for getting in front of the situation.