Councilman Oddo Pushes New Pothole Repair Technique


If there is one thing New Yorkers dislike the most about the winter (no, not the MTA), it has to be potholes.

City Councilman James Oddo is pushing for the city to look for new ways to handle their potholes issue, reports NY1.

“We are losing this fight,” said Oddo in the video. “It’s my belief if we continue to use conventional methods, we will lose more ground year after year.”

A New Hampshire-based company named Kasi Infrared has a new approach to this issue by using infrared technology.

Constructor: The Magazine of the Associated General Contractors of America describes the process:

Crews place the infrared chamber, which generates about 800,000 BTUs of infrared heat, on top of the area in need of repair. The unit heats the asphalt 2 in. to 3 in. deep to a temperature of about 400° F.
Workers then rake the asphalt to obtain clean edges. They apply a rejuvenator to return the oils to the pavement, add some virgin asphalt to fill in the pothole or depression and bring it up to grade, rake again and then compact the spot.

The new method also treats cracks in the asphalt around the potholes, something traditional repairs don’t do. All the equipment used costs about $150,000 and it only takes a two man crew 15 to 20 minutes to heat, fill, and smooth each pothole.

What do you think? Is $150,000 per machine worth it for better pothole repair?


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