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Councilman Nelson Returns To His Office


Councilman Michael Nelson’s chief of staff wrote to inform us that they’ve returned to their office, following flooding that made them vacate to Senator David Storobin’s office.

Chief of Staff Debbie Miller-Weiss writes:

Our district office at 1605 Voorhies Avenue now has power, telephone service and internet access.  We are very pleased to report that our office will be open beginning tomorrow.  Moreover, we are deeply grateful to NYS Senator Storobin for having welcomed us into his office during this crisis – allowing us to interact more directly and efficiently with our constituents, giving us full use of his desks, computers, phones, copier, scanner, fax machine, among other things.

You can reach the councilman at 1605 Voorhies Avenue, 1st Floor, or by calling (718) 368-9176. You can also e-mail [email protected],

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