Council Member Eugene Will Face Challenger In 2017

Councilman Mathieu Eugene, at microphone, denounced Monday night's violence at today's press conference.
Councilmember Mathieu Eugene, at microphone, speaking at a press conference in 2015. (Photo: Ditmas Park Corner)

Mathieu Eugene, who has represented the Flatbush area in the New York City Council since 2007, will have some competition next year.

Brian-Christopher Antonio Cunningham has filed paperwork with the City’s Campaign Finance Board showing his intention to run for City Council Member in 2017, representing the 40th District.

The 40th District includes Ditmas Park, along with sections of Flatbush, East Flatbush, Kensington, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens and Crown Heights.

Cunningham describes himself as a “proud son of Brooklyn,” who was born and raised in Flatbush.

Eugene’s challenger, a member of Community Board 14, currently serves as Director of Government and Foundations Relations at Nazareth Housing, a Manhattan-based non-profit which provides supportive and emergency housing, along with homelessness prevention services.

According to his biography, Cunningham also worked as Special Assistant to State Senator Kevin Parker (21st Senate District), Chief of Staff for Council Member Laurie Cumbo, and Director of Small Business Services for the New York City Council.

Cunningham also held posts at CAMBA and the City’s Summer Youth Employment Project. He is a CUNY graduate.

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  1. How is Eugene not term limited out this year? Limit is two 4-year terms after the 2010 referendum, isn’t it?

  2. The City Council voted in 2008 to allow elected officials to run for three-terms, as opposed to two. That was how Mayor Bloomberg was able to run for a third term.

  3. I’d still like to know what Mr. Eugene is a “doctor” of.

    (How do we like that dangling preposition?)

  4. Thanks, Sarah. You forgot about the referendum and I forgot about that special little box of truffles they handed to current council people. I’m almost certain the part of that first term he served wouldn’t count toward the limit, but I hope Cunningham is at least looking into it. Not sure what the process for challenging a candidate’s eligibility would be though — go before BOE?

  5. He has an MD degree, from a Mexican university, although he’s not licenced to practice medicine here

  6. Maybe we will finally be free of this disgraceful charlatan? Eugene does nothing of value for the city.

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