Correction: Weekend Shooting Was At Oceana Hall, Not Millenium

The promo for Saturday's event at Oceana Hall

It’s not often we at Sheepshead Bites need to publish a correction, and it’s even less often when the correction merits its own post. However, we had one heck of a blunder yesterday, and we thank our readers for catching it and pointing it out.

In our story about the two women shot in Brighton Beach over the weekend, we wrote that we had received complaints about Millenium Theatre and the increasingly rowdy parties they’ve been throwing. In reality, the concerned neighbor was writing about Oceana Hall – a separate venue in the same building at 1029 Brighton Beach Avenue.

Millenium Theatre and Oceana Hall have different owners and management.

Apparently local leaders have been hearing complaints about Oceana Hall from neighbors for about a year, since the landlord took hold of a banquet-style restaurant. Police from the 60th Precinct have also spoken to the business about the complaints.

And we were also wrong about there being no events at the venue (since we were searching for Millenium, not Oceana). The original anonymous e-mailer who sent us the complaint over the weekend followed up, pointing out that they had an event called Presidents Weekend Shut Down with Hot 97 Live.

A source tells us that police confirmed that the shooting occurred as the party was letting out.