Corrections Officer Caught Speeding While Drunk On Verrazano Bridge

Source: joo0ey via flickr
Source: joo0ey via flickr

A New York City corrections officer was caught racing down the Verrazano-Narrows bridge while intoxicated. SI Live is reporting that the officer was driving over 80 mph, over 30 mph faster than the 45 mph limit.

The offending officer was identified as Gustavo Milton, 43. Milton was clocked at driving 81 mph in his BMW at 3 a.m. SI Live described the scene when a Bridge and Tunnel officer pulled him over:

A Bridge and Tunnel Authority sergeant stopped Milton, who “had an odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech,” court papers allege.
The sergeant also spotted two empty beer bottles behind the passenger seat — one in a cargo net and another on the floor, court papers allege.
Milton refused to take a blood alcohol test, court papers allege.

SI Live noted that Milton, whose salary is listed at over $76,000 as a corrections officer, made over $107,000 in his position last year. I’m not sure why SI Live thought it was necessary to list Milton’s salary, but damn, 30,000 in overtime pay? I need to start working in a prison.