Coronavirus in Brooklyn: What You Can Do To Help

Coronavirus in Brooklyn: What You Can Do To Help

Help vulnerable neighbors: Elderly people and other vulnerable groups need supplies and prescriptions. You can sign up with the Brooklyn organization Heights and Hills to volunteer to help, or find people who need help on your local Facebook group or elsewhere.

Donate food: Many of our neighbors who earn hourly wages or who work in tourism, among other industries, are already running short on funds. There’s a great map of local food pantries here if you’re hungry or want to give — just call ahead to make sure they’re open.

Give blood: Hospitals are worried about running low, and the Red Cross says “eligible and healthy donors are strongly urged to make an appointment to give soon” but has canceled a number of blood drives, according to the Times. You can find a list of local blood banks here.

Organize in your neighborhood: Local Facebook groups are turning into a great source of local organizing, and there’s a Brooklyn-wide Coronavirus group on Facebook.

Order locally: Unfortunately, it’s a really bad idea to patronize local bars, restaurants, and other businesses right now. But you can think local when you’re buying or ordering food and needed supplies.

The Times has more great advice.