Cops Ticket Cars At Decommissioned Bus Stops?

We received this tip over the weekend:

[Saturday] night at 2:30 a.m., a policeman from the 61st precinct decided to ticket cars at a decommissioned bus stop located at the intersection of Neptune Avenue and Shore Blvd.  The No Standing sign is no longer up and the only parking sign has been changed to reflect alternate side for that area.  There is still a bus shelter still standing – however according to Commissioner Brown of the police, there was supposed to be a suspension of ticketing at all decommissioned bus stops.  Unfortunately, one of NYC’s Finest did not get the message.

Has anyone else seen officers giving tickets at decommissioned bus stops? There are a few in the area, and it’s worth watching out for. In the meantime, we’re hoping precinct officials see this and correct the mistake.


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