Cops Nab Four Bay Parkway Teen Bullies, One Suspect Still At Large

Cops Nab Four Bay Parkway Teen Bullies, One Suspect Still At Large
Police car

Police are hunting for one last suspect wanted in connection to an assault that took place at a Bay Parkway nail salon on April 17, at 7pm, which left the store owner with a black eye.

The youth, who is described as Hispanic, 5 feet 7 inches tall, 130 pounds, with an “afro-like hairstyle,” was caught on surveillance footage with a group of teens who have been terrorizing stores on Bay Parkway, cops say. Schools in the area have not been able to identify the youth, according to authorities, so police have asked Bensonhurst Bean to distribute his photo.

As we’ve reported, merchants with businesses between 65th Street and 72nd Street have complained about recurring problems of gangs of teenagers defacing property, stealing merchandise, and harassing customers — forcing shopkeepers to install heavy-duty locks on their stores.

When store owners shared video and photos of the teens with the 62nd Precinct’s Captain William Taylor at a meeting two weeks ago, patrol officers recognized several of the kids as local troublemakers, and the captain vowed to make contact with the kids and their parents.

Four out of five of kids cops believe are responsible for the attacks were arrested, and Captain William Taylor assured store owners Monday that they would not be bothered again by these particular teens.

Two older teenagers, a boy and a girl, were picked up on Thursday, May 3, and were charged with misdemeanors.

Two more alleged bullies were arrested a day later, this time accused of harassing seniors at Seth Low Park. Cops brought the 13-year-olds to the station and filed juvenile reports.

For at least one of the boys, an eighth grader at Seth Low Intermediate School, it was not his first warning.

“You told me to stay away from the stores on Bay Parkway, not the playground,” he protested to cops.

In perhaps the best outcome from the whole saga, Taylor said he met with the youngster’s mother and, with a little prodding, the boy has agreed to join the 62nd Precinct’s Law Enforcement Explorers.

“I thought she would say ‘My Johnny wouldn’t do that,’ but she was pretty good,” said Taylor at Monday’s meeting.

The apparently remorseful boy also visited at least one shopkeeper on Bay Parkway and apologized for his antics.

Katherine Man and her husband, who own a dry cleaner on the commercial strip, were happy to accept.

“My husband said, ‘It’s OK. Just don’t do it again’,” she said.

Editor’s note [May 14, 8am]: If you recognize the youth in the photo, contact the NYPD’s 62nd Precinct at (718) 236-2611. Please do not post identifying information in the comments.


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