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BREAKING: Officer Fires Shots At Dog Near Marine Park


We’ve been receiving tips about a heavy police presence near Fillmore Avenue and East 34th Street in Marine Park. According to a police scanner report from @NYCityAlerts, an NYPD officer fired his weapon at a “vicious” dog.

Another reader, @gattotony, tweeted to us that it was a pitbull, and our Facebook fan Michael C. tells us that the dog was attacking civilians.

The scanner report notes that the dog was not struck by the gunfire.

Police have established a crime scene and is investigating the incident, a standard procedure any time an officer’s firearm is discharged on duty.

UPDATE (3:05 p.m.): A tipster who lives near the dog owner, who resides on East 35th Street, sent in the following:

The dog is dangerous and has gotten loose many times . The police have been here several times. The owner refuses to put the dog down . He is an 81 year old man that simply can not handle the animal .. last year the dog attacked two puggs owned by [an Avenue R neighbor]

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

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  1. Where is animal control??? ASPCA, anyone..this is not a police job, it is animal controls job! why don’t they tranquilize the dog, and then deal with him? Shooting a dog in a public place is no way to handle a vicious dog! If the owner refuses to put the dog down he needs to take responsibility and make sure the dog can not escape- but at 81 it is unlikely he will ever be able to do so. For the safety of the dog AND the public this dog needs to be LEGALLY removed from his home- NOT gunned down. This should have happened last year when the pugs were attacked. sigh- broken legal system and gun happy cops..bad for Brooklyn!

  2. So in your opinion it’s better to leave the dog alone to attack someone till ASPCA gets there. Good job NYPD. I love dogs but I say shoot it.

  3. absolutely not! the proper authorities NEED to handle the situation which is animal control! They do not do their job which is my entire point ! Bloomberg needs to step up and enforce his little posse and make them do their job. You think it’s okay for some cop to be shooting out in a park full of kids?? Like Pat said they missed by 2 feet- NYPD is NOT known for their terrific marksmanship!! ( unless it is suicide/murder or shooting oneself in the leg at a local pet store!!!)

  4. I live in that neighbor hood. I’m sure there were no kids around. I had pit bulls attack a man on my block also ran after children. ASPCA didn’t come. I wish there was a cop there to shoot the dogs. You just walk up to them and shoot them. Don’t classify all cops by a few.

  5. Raised & treated properly , pit bulls are loving dogs. Michael Vick’s abused pits were sent to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary , in Kanab, Utah, rehabilitated & placed in loving homes. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES TO KILLING! But, this was left too long, the system failed & perhaps too late for this dog. Blame people, not the dog.

  6. It was a black female officer who shot the fire! And the dog is not vicious it lives with a tiny shitzu! The German shepherd it “attacked” is vicious itself! Dogs will be dogs! The dog and owner shouldn’t suffer bc it’s a “pitbull”.


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