Cool-Hunting From Ditmas Park

Brooklyn Magazine recently featured Tom Ran, a neighbor and editor-in-chief of The Scout.

The Scout finds the things that are unique to New York and focuses on them in a way that makes uncommonly beautiful and interesting things accessible to readers.
“Being exposed to so many creative endeavors is inspiring,” says Editor-in-Chief Tom Ran. “For a person like myself, who is inherently searching, discovering and sharing, Brooklyn is especially conducive to [this search], and The Scout was designed to be that outlet.” Ran is aware of the perils of showcasing what’s cool in Brooklyn, though.
“My hope is that Brooklyn doesn’t become a parody of itself. There’s genuine effort and ingenuity here and it would be a shame for people to shrug it off as a trend.”

A quick search of the site reveals that he’s found nothing cool in Ditmas Park to feature. The alternative theory is that he’s keeping the neighborhood a secret. Yes, of course, that’s definitely it.


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