Construction Obstruction: Good Luck Getting Through

There has been a lot of construction going on along Sheepshead Bay Road these past few months. We’re not talking about the private stuff, like the hulking cinder block mess in the footprint of the old Bay News building; we’re talking about city projects.

The streets were torn up around the intersection of Sheepshead Bay Road and Voorhies Avenue last month, as they laid what appeared to be new pipes for sewage. Or gas. Or something. The work from there sort of spidered out from that location, along both Voorhies and Sheepshead.

Now they’re doing work on the sidewalks near the intersection of Jerome Avenue, having torn up about half of the width. We’re thinking it’s part of the same project. And what can we say? Work has got to get done.

But… what the heck is happening here? The construction continues in front of the newly reopened Fruit Garden market at 1621 Sheepshead Bay Road. And, apparently, no one asked them to accommodate, as their sidewalk fruit displays take up the remainder of the sidewalk, leaving less than a foot of width to walk by. That means no baby carriages, old lady carts or, okay, I’m just going to say it: fatties. No fatties. None.

Come on, fruit market. Think of the fatties.