Congressman Michael Grimm Sponsors A Bill To Give Immigrant Tech Workers Visas

Congressman Michael Grimm has sponsored a bill that aims to create two types of conditional immigration visas. One visa would be for up to 75,000 immigrant entrepreneurs and the other for 50,000 foreign graduates working in math, science, engineering and technology. The purpose of the bill is to keep foreign-born tech workers and students in America.

“The best and brightest come to New York from all over the world and then they get educated and have to leave,” Grimm said to the New York Post.

New startups would also receive tax credits.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg approves of the measure. He has been working on raising the bar for tech start-ups in New York with his previously established “Made In New York” interactive map. The map highlights new and established technology companies with job openings.

“We need to make sure the world’s most talented people are welcomed to our shores rather than turned away by an antiquated and self-destructive immigration system,” Bloomberg said in a statement supporting the bill.

Looks like New York is vying to become the big digital apple.


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