Congress Considering Bill To Provide Federal Funds To Waterfront Communities

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… and remember to get the help of some buddies.

In an attempt to preserve the nation’s waterfronts, several congressman are pushing  to pass the Keep America’s Waterfront Working Act, legislation designed to give waterfront communities the tools they need to develop and sustain working waterfronts like ours in Sheepshead Bay. The funds provided by the act could be used to bolster tourism and recreational fishing on the waterfronts, among many other uses.

Congress failed to pass the KAWW Act (H.R. 3109) a couple of years ago, but a renewed push led by Maine Congressman Chellie Pingree – along with 17 other representatives – is making way in the House.

Trade Only Today explains the bill:

H.R. 3109 would create a federal grant program to acquire working piers and other points of waterfront access and provide funding for waterfront planning. The proposal would allow states and local communities to support and protect places along the coast where commercial fishermen, boat builders, excursion/tour boat operators and other small businesses operate, including recreational boat yards and businesses.

Gee, that sure sounds a lot like Sheepshead Bay. What do you think? Could Sheepshead Bay put federal grant money to good use in developing a new vision for a working waterfront along Emmons Avenue?

If so and want this bill passed, you can contact Bob Turner and urge him to support this bill by calling his office at (718) 520-9001 or e-mailing him through his website.