Confirmed: Kings Plaza Diner To Close October 24

Source: Google Maps

Employees at Kings Plaza Diner (4124 Avenue U) will be serving up their last meal on October 24, according to those who’ve talked to the owner.

Rumors about the beloved diner’s demise have been swirling for years, but Courier-Life reported in January that it might be for real this time. When they came out with a report yesterday about the closure, they still had no date and couldn’t get quotes from the business or property owner.

So we called up Flatbush’s man-around-town: Councilman Lew Fidler. The good councilman confirmed it: the business is shutting down after October 24. His staff contacted the owners after rumors hit a fever pitch, and, say it ain’t so, one of the last great Southern Brooklyn diners is going the way of the dinosaur.

And what’s to sprout in its place? Courier-Life is saying it’s the same ol’ Bed Bath and Beyond superstore that’s been in the rumor mill for a while. But the councilman’s chief of staff isn’t so sure.

“People have been talking about that Bed, Bath and Beyond for years,” said Reeves Eisen, Fidler’s chief of staff. “First it was coming into the mall, then [the diner]. I think people just want a Bed, Bath and Beyond.”

However, “very good sources” have told Eisen that it may be a TD Bank or a CVS, the latter of which would be relocating from around the corner.


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