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Coney Island’s West 8th Street Walkway Will Be Torn Down This Summer

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The walkway connecting the West 8th Street train station to the Coney Island Boardwalk will soon be no more. Brooklyn Daily reports that the city is tearing down the rusted shark-painted bridge for safety reasons.

The bridge, which spans over Surf Avenue, will be replaced by broadened sidewalks and a new crossing light. A new entrance to the boardwalk will be created at West 10th Street.

The walkway was originally built more than 50 years ago to compel people coming off the Culver and Brighton lines to head to the then newly built aquarium.

Chuck Reichenthal, the Community Board 13 district manager, welcomed the end of the walkway.

“It started looking like hell 15 years ago. It has to go,” Reichenthal said.

Todd Dobrin, who is running to replace term-limited Domenic Recchia on the City Council, was angry at the news of the bridge’s impending dismantling.

“It’s a safe gateway into Coney Island and directly onto the Boardwalk,” Dobrin told Brooklyn Daily. “What about all those kids who come here on field trips, and the old people?”

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  1. What a fucking crock. How about, I dunno, renovating or replacing it? C’mon what are these people thinking?! That area gets super congested in summer with people coming and going to the beach, not just the aquarium and Luna Park from the trains.

    Friends of the Boardwalk should protest this travesty too!

  2. Aside from taking away one of the best views of the Mermaid Parade (IF there is a parade) it is probably for security reasons.

  3. Not to be that guy but this:

    “The walkway was originally built over 50 years ago to compel people coming of the F and Q train to head to the then newly built aquarium.”

    No good. Obviously first you meant to write “coming from” not “coming of” but also it’s a safe bet that it technically wasn’t the F and Q lines even though we know what you mean. Better off to just say “The walkway was originally built over 50 years to encourage visitors who could access the aquarium from the train station.”

    The lines have been the Culver Line and the Brighton Line but they weren’t always the F and Q, and certainly not that long ago (especially the Q).

    Or something like that.

  4. Oh come on this is going to be a pain in the ass without this bridge in the summer. Millions of people trying to cross the street at the same time. I refuse to walk through the parking lot its going to be a mess. Such craziness. Not thinking of the people who cross this bridge from the Q & F trains easy access to the beach and aquarium.

  5. Good riddance. Time to spruce up that area. It’s gotta go. Looks like crap. Maybe they could have replaced it sure but I think we can live without it.

  6. Wasn’t this bridge closed for renovation several years ago? I seem to recall the staircases on both sides being upated.
    The walkway will definitely be a big loss – right now it’s such a convenience to go straight from the train to the boardwalk, and vice versa. Also, the ramp is a nice addition for kids and elderly, for all those times the escalator on the other end of the station is broken.

  7. Friends of the Boardwalk? Who is he kidding? That organization exists in name only. Marty Levine founded it and the only thing that organization ever accomplished happened when Marty Levine was its leader. Once Dobrin took it over, it did nothing except sign on to a lawsuit that was spearheaded by someone else. That bridge has been a problem for years and many people have tried to either save it or have it rebuilt, yet Dobrin wants you to believe that nothing ever happened before him. Marty Levine was a visionary who had a plan for Coney Island. Dobrin is just a bag of hot air who rides other people’s coat tails.

  8. hehe true, the D ran on the Culver Line (F) until 1954. The Q has always been the signature train for the Brighton Line, even as a QB, QJ, QT, and more. The D and M served the Brighton Local until 2001 and 1986, respectively. I gotta get a shot of the B36 bus running under this bridge before it gets torn down. It really should stay

  9. Tearing the bridge down is plain dumb. First of all it is not unsightly and the reason given to no one knows who is responsible for maintaining it also makes no sense. DOT, Parks and the MTA also dispute who is responsible for te East 14th Street bridge over the Belt Parkway. Is that sufficient reason to also tear down that bridge?
    The community doesn’t want it but who asked the thousands of users of the overpass? It is very heavily used in the summer, probably moreso than any other city overpass. Now I am not a fan of overpasses usually because no one likes to walk up then down to access them but this one is unique. It connects the Boardwalk directly to the el saving you walking a flight down and another flight up. Walking up the three long flights to the Q is very difficult for some. This overpass saves you one flight and also protects you from traffic. It needs to stay.

  10. Here is what I think. From the look of that bridge I think it looks so terrible it could collapse at many moment. Sure it was built 50 years ago it was great. Some things that were good back then are not cool anymore. People that are complaining now won’t be complaining when they get hurt,

  11. You know your stuff on this one. Additionally, the F was once the D, and ran from Stillwell to 205th Street and the Grand Concourse in the Bronx from that route, and the seats were of straw, and the fans above would be going, and the Trolleys ran along, McDonald Ave.,below, once called Gravesend Road. But all that, was even before my time!!! PS Look at all those Brookynites, Dodging those Trolleys! Hey, I have an idea, if Brooklyn, ever has a real Major League baseball team, let’s call them, The Dodgers?!!!

  12. I believe the D ran along the route, a bit beyond, 1954. More like till about 1968, when it became the F and ran to Queens, rather than the Concourse, but still through The City! Are there any MTA officials out there, who can confirm this? Wait, be careful. I once asked a current and locally stationed transit booth clerk, how long it would take me, from The Bay, via connections, to get to JFK, by using The Tran?! They said, you better give yourself ninety minutes. It took over three hours, and I missed my Flight! PS The Tran, a two Billion dollar, mostly tax payer financed supposed convenience, that helps about nine hundred people a day, get to JFK!!!

  13. I am sure this administration would tear the whole belt pkwy down if they could. But then they are doing the next best thing, taking their sweet ass time “repairing” it when it really didn’t need all of them in the first place. Tearing this overpass down is moronic and will hopefully be halted by someone with half a brain.

  14. yes that is true. The D actually started actually running on the Culver Line in 1954 when the connection to Church Avenue and the Crosstown Line opened. before then, the Culver Line connected the West End Line above 39th Street or so. The D was moved to the Brighton Line in 1967 when the Chrystie Street connection opened, connecting the Sixth Avenue Line to the Manhattan Bridge, and the F was extended as a replacement. Never use subway to get to airports. the A train is extremely unreliable and the AirTrain is so expensive.


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