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Coney Island Resident Sues Trigger Happy Cop For Firing At Dog

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Elizabeth Villafane, a resident of Coney Island, is claiming in a lawsuit that a New York Police Department officer fired one to two shots at her and her dog, according to a DNAinfo article.

Villafane has three kids and lives in a New York City Housing Authority building. In the lawsuit, Villafane claims that she had been expecting her mom when two officers came to her apartment to execute a warrant and arrest her for a ticket she had received previously for not leashing her dog outside.

Here’s the story from DNAinfo:

“Bubba is a greeter. Every time I open the door, he wants to go out and smell whoever is there,” Villafane told DNAinfo New York.

But the 115-pound hound apparently startled the officer, who ran down the building hallway [when the dog came to the door]. Then Bubba took after the officer, with Villafane chasing after the dog to grab him.

“The worst thing you can do with Bubba is run because he thinks you want to play,” Villafane said.

When a second officer farther down the hallway spotted the canine, he got out his revolver, according to the lawsuit. Seeing the drawn gun, Villafane wrapped her arms around Bubba — but the officer still fired one to two shots at them, the lawsuit says.

The officer missed Villafane and her dog, according to the lawsuit. The suit was filed on December 17 in Brooklyn’s Supreme Court.

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  1. You have a large dog and the police are serving a warrant and you don’t control him when you open the door? That and the warrant they’re serving is for your irresponsible behavior outside? She has no right to have a dog over 40lbs at a NYCHA apt (if she’s had it before 2/2010 and 25lbs after). This lawsuit should be tossed and the that dog should be taken away from this woman because she has demonstrated on 2 occasions now that she is a danger to the animal and not fit to take care of it.

  2. I don’t see how she is a danger to the animal unless you consider that she let him outside without a leash which many dog owners do. What I don’t understand is why the officer still fired off his weapon if she indeed did have her arms wrapped around the dog when the shots were fired.

  3. The were serving a warrant for a ticket for not leashing a dog. This is one of many reasons we need police to protect us.

  4. There’s powerball, megamillions, lotto, and the lawsuit lottery. Name of the game is to get rich, by any means. a 100 pound dog comes to the door, and I imagine the officer is expected to stand there and be gobbled up. Besides, I’m sure the real story is very different. It’s the lawsuit lottery in play.


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