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Cops Rescue Man Stranded 600 Feet Off Coney Island

Source: wheany/Flickr
Source: wheany/Flickr

The NYPD Harbor Unit saved a stranded 19-year-old who was injured and suffering from hypothermia in Coney Island’s waters Saturday.

The marine unit responded after a 7pm 911 call for a drowning man. They found the man stuck on a cluster of rocks approximately 600 feet away from the sands. With four foot waves violently crashing into the rocks, the man was unable to get off the jetty by himself.

Fortunately, three officers with a combined 34 years of experience were there to help. Officer Peter Jessnick pulled the boat in close despite the rough waters. Officers Dianna Belioni and Thomas Carrol called out to the man and threw him a life ring.

Once the distressed swimmer got the ring, officers were able to pull him aboard and treated him for hypothermia.

They brought him to Kingsborough Community College, where the FDNY has a dock and marine base. EMS took him to Coney Island Hospital, where he was treated for hypothermia and bruising to his body, and is expected to make a full recovery.

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