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Coney Island Pedestrian Plaza Plan Revived!

Proposed site of pedestrian plaza (Source: Google Maps)
Proposed site of pedestrian plaza (Source: Google Maps)

For whatever reason, officials are hellbent on bringing a Times Square-style pedestrian plaza to Coney Island. The New York Post is reporting that officials from the city’s Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Transportation (DOT) are reviving plans for a pedestrian plaza which they will present to Community Board 13, hoping that a compromise can be struck.

Previously, we reported that plans to place a pedestrian plaza on the southern end of Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island died because the spending was deemed frivolous in the wake of the Superstorm Sandy disaster. The placement of the first proposed plaza also took away parking spots and limited access points for emergency vehicles to enter the boardwalk.

The new plan accounts for the previous complaints and would place the plaza on the southern end of West 12th Street. The Post described the exact positioning of the new planned public space:

The plaza would replace part of the street on the end of West 12th Street – which abuts Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park to the east and Nathan’s boardwalk shop to the west. It would run about a third of the block north from a boardwalk entrance.

Johanna Zakki, director of operations for the Alliance for Coney Island believes that this new plan will be a boon for the area.

“We believe the plaza will improve pedestrian safety while providing a much-needed place for people to sit and relax, find some shade, watch a performance, or just take in the one-of-a-kind scene of Coney Island on a warm, sunny day,” Zakki told the Post.

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  1. But still they plan to tear down the pedestrian bridge to the aquarium and not replace it. Go figure.

  2. What a great idea to isolate people from emergency services and quick exits to cars in the midst of of of the worst housing projects in the nation, where shootings and robberies are synonymous with hot dogs.

    It’ll be a boon to the local “youth” and their gang culture to have easy marks already trapped for them. And.. those ” nice places to sit” will benefit the local homeless population and drug abusers as the Time Square Mall does. Spend Millions on this project immediately, anything that will benefit these groups will be a terrific thing!

  3. What the heck are you talking about? They just want to make a crummy dead-end road look a little nicer. I suppose one could make the argument that any improvement in Coney Island will bring criminals, homeless, etc. Let’s leave it a dump to keep out the homeless !?!?!? What?

    You’re in favor of instead leaving a filthy dead-end street there? I say get rid of that loud roundabout ride, which does seem to attract a…ummm…less than savory bunch. But the ride is very popular so forget that.

    Let’s not ever ever build a park anywhere ever again because Comrade StalinLives says it attracts the wrong element. In fact, let’s not ever build anything ever again for that reason.

    The logic escapes me. Easy marks? What? Times Square mall attracts drug addicts? What do you think was on Times Square BEFORE it was revived. Don’t know about you, but now I can walk there at night. Before the renovation, no way. Between the xxx porno shops and the criminals roaming, no way.

  4. What’s up with that. It’s a major, major way for people to get from the train to the boardwalk. No entrance there at all? No way!

  5. The whole point is that you and I don’t mater. The city wants to put up a traffic light and broaden the sidewalks instead of repairing the structure that has stood there for 50 years. Like times square they want to keep cars out of coney island so they can make it more hipster friendly. Old Brooklyn does not matter to this administration that is why there is a rush to get this all done before the emperor leaves office.

  6. What was times square? Less congested. Anytime any of these pedestrian plazas are placed is to screw drivers and pedestrians over and waste money. But lets even forget that. Look at the photo above. Look to your left and look to your right. What if a fire were to break out over there? What if someone were shot over there? How exactly are the FDNY or NYPD supposed to get over there if there are a bunch of ridiculous planters, tables and chairs in the way? How does the city have money for this garbage when they are nickeling and diming homeowners and landlords with outrageous sidewalk repair bills and increased water rates? Enough already. Leave the damn streets alone. The boardwalk is right up the block. You want to sit and talk go up on the boardwalk. Screw the hipsters. Tourist come for the rides and attractions. If they want a place to sit there are many places for them to go just like there has been for the past 100 years before the emperor and his queen arrived. How lazy are people?

  7. i often work in the times square area & hipsters don’t go to times square so that is not a comparison at all. i’m confused- taking cars out make it hipster friendly? So all people who don’t drive are hipsters? You mean pedestrians, elderly & lots of native Brooklynites including myself who don’t drive & enjoy walking/cycling/subway. Old Brooklyn? What does Old Brooklyn have to do with cars or driving? Travelling in Old Brooklyn to me is taking the subway & walking. Maybe you rather relive the policies of Robert Moses? That’s just sad & backwards thinking. You really need to evaluate how you cope with change & how your ideas can really hurt Coney Island & stunt its growth. I rather parts of my home neighborhood not remain stagnant.


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