Coney Island Luna Park celebrates with traditional egg cream christening of Cyclone (PHOTOS)

Coney Island opens

CONEY ISLAND – Yes, the Luna Park and the Cyclone opened last week to huge crowds, but this past Sunday was the traditional Brooklyn egg cream christening of the famed roller coaster, the bottle of chocolaty goodness broken by the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, community leaders, and Luna Park owners.

And for the first 92 people on line, the ride was free in celebration of 92-years as New York’s iconic landmark roller coaster.

Eric Knapp shows his enthusiasm on the Cyclone for the first ride for guests. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

Eric Knapp, of course, was first on line for the famed coaster, his arms tattooed with the Cyclone roller coaster structure.

“Of course I’m here for the first ride after the christening – I only wish it were still foggy – that would’ve been great,” Knapp said as he waited for his turn to ride as the fog began to lift. “What it really means is the beginning of summer, the beginning of life – the beach, the boardwalk, come on down, Coney Island is open.”

The Brooklyn Seltzer Company is joined by the Brooklyn Seltzer Boys for a photo with their egg cream. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

On hand for this year’s event was the Brooklyn Seltzer Boys singing their barbershop quartet musical numbers. They joined the Brooklyn Seltzer Company who was making free egg creams for the crowds – by the way, there are no eggs in an egg cream – just chocolate syrup, milk and of course – Brooklyn seltzer. Also taking part were children from the drum band, Brooklyn United in Bushwick who played for the crowds.

Egg cream being prepared for the crowd. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

Joining Borough President Adams was owner of Central Amusement International Alberto Zamperla and his son Allesandro who is also president of the company.

Borough President Eric Adams breaks the egg cream bottle on the Cyclone Ride with a little help from Allesandro Zamperla of Central Amusements. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

With them was Councilman Mark Treyger and Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus. After breaking the bottle, the elected officials fled the ride for the safety of solid ground.

Borough President Eric Adams and Councilman Mark Treyger gives thumbs up, but then beat a hasty retreat. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

But 60th Precinct commander Deputy Inspector Joseph Hayward – stayed on the ride and showed no fear from the Cyclone as he does against crime.

Cyclone riders with park owners Albert Zamperla and son Allesandro sit in front. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

Also opening today was Deno’s Wonder Wheel and amusement park on the boardwalk.

These gents are in charge of keeping Coney Island safe. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

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