Coney Island Boardwalk Rehab Begins Immediately

Courtesy of vampirebird via Flickr
Courtesy of vampirebird via Flickr

We noted yesterday that, as part of the city’s rehabilitation plans, the Coney Island boardwalk will be rebuiltsoon. Well, we didn’t realize how soon. Giddy to play with its new toy, New York City Parks and Recreation Department quickly awarded the $13.7 million, two-year construction contract to T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc., through its affiliate Triton Structural Concrete.

According to the San Diego, CA,-based company’s press release:

Work will begin immediately to demolish portions of the existing damaged wooden boardwalk; precast concrete slab units will be installed as the foundation of the 2.7-mile boardwalk to strengthen and stabilize it. The boardwalk’s existing hardwood timbers will be replaced by a combination of colored and textured pre-cast concrete slabs, custom exposed aggregate and sustainably harvested hardwood wood decking. The project duration is two years, however, Triton anticipates completing early in approximately fall 2010, dependent upon the weather and summer tourism.

First, we have to wonder whether this $13.7 million project could’ve waited until after we got ourselves out of the current financial boondoggle. Next, we ask why would you go with a company based outside of New York? Granted, sending taxpayer money off to California is a bit like charity these days, but we can put that to good use here at home.