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Video: Coney Island 2010 To Be "Bigger Improvement"


Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Community Liaison Charles Glover told members of the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association that this year will be a “much bigger improvement over what we’ve seen there in the past.”

During the April 19 civic meeting, Glover said the plans were slowed by the bad weather but it would still open and feature higher-end rides, a circus and “an amusement park there like they haven’t seen before.”

“[The shareholders] are going to make it a very nice place to visit,” he said.

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  1. The beginning of the end for “the people's playground”. Unless they can keep the pricing low enough to attract a diverse population. But “higher end” sounds like code for “We're going to disc

  2. The beginning of the end for “the people's playground”. Unless they can keep the pricing low enough to attract a diverse population. But “higher end” sounds like code for “We're going to discourage poor people from coming out here.”

  3. The sad truth is that people with money, even those in the lower middle class, do not want to go somewhere and be reminded that there are people without it, much less bring their money and spend it in sight of them. People go to theme parks and amusement parks to escape reality, not be confronted by it.

    One major reason redeveloping Coney Island has been such an issue is the developments right next door. Who wants to visit a Theme Park only to be 5 blocks away from gunshots and the risk of being shanked?

    The “class divide” is only gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger, and the wealthy are always gonna look for ways to cut out the “other element”. 🙁

  4. Well, the last time I went to Coney Island there seemed to be a nice mix of various classes. And that didn't seem to be much of a problem for anyone.

    But then, there were few people who seemed to be of really wealthy class.

  5. Well, that makes a certain amount of sense. Lower Middle Class and Upper
    Middle class tend to mingle fairly often with not many issues. Lower Middle
    Class still mingle with the Lower Class or Poverty Class, and the Higher
    Class certainly have to mingle with the Upper Middle. Any one class of
    people will always feel most comfortable with their own class or with the
    two classes directly adjacent to theirs. So, it makes sense to see Lower
    Middle and Upper Middle in Coney, but you wouldn't see many Upper Class or
    Rich people at Coney. Why would they? They have private beaches, private
    aquariums, private golf courses. Their interests and entertainment desires
    are vastly different. The Upper and Rich Class are all about exclusion.
    Coney Island is the opposite. We want it to be about inclusion. Everyone
    that visits Coney Island should be given the New York experience. They
    should feel wonder and amazement and leave there loving New York and
    Brooklyn and Coney Island.

    Coney Island should be designed to attract the Middle Class. Why? Because
    it's the class that has the most disposable income that is also willing to
    spend it in a place like Coney Island. While it should be ACCESSIBLE and
    open to everyone, including the Lower Class, they shouldn't endevor to
    specifically attract them because it will only serve to push away those that
    have money to spend. Besides, Coney Island was originally a playground for
    the Rich and Wealthy, not the middle class. It makes sense that they might
    to try reclaim it.

  6. Actually, West Brighton was originally where then rich went. Coney Island itself was more geared to the middle classes, and the area west what is now the amusement area was brothels and bars. Norton's Point, where Sea Gate is now, was where the criminal element could be found in full force. McKane ignored them as long as they stayed out of the main part of the Island.

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