Concern Over Sanitation At Cop HQ By The Parade Ground

trash at 397 coney island avenue

A neighbor wrote us about how surprised he was this weekend on a trip past 397 Coney Island Avenue (between Kermit and Caton Places), which houses the NYPD’s Brooklyn South Task Force, Park Enforcement Patrol, and Prospect Park Alliance.

“I was shocked by the amount of garbage piled up there,” he says. “It doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that the people who are supposed to be enforcing things like littering seem to be such contributors to the problem.”

He says his photo didn’t capture the extent of how bad the trash situation was, but given that some of the building’s offices are dedicated to authorities whose job description includes penalizing litterbugs and a group that advocates for and attempts to bring much-needed funds to Prospect Park, even what the photo did catch is pretty disheartening.

Have you noticed much litter by the building, or nearby on the Parade Ground, recently? Where do you think is the consistently most offensive place, trash-wise, in Ditmas Park?


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