Con Edison Renews Coney Island Green Initiative

Coney Island residents and business owners have another year to save more green while going green with Con Edison continuing its sponsorship of the “Going Green in Coney Campaign,” in conjunction with Urban Neighborhood Services (UNS)

The campaign, which will enter its second year, provides seminars catered to locals on smart, low-cost energy use. In addition, UNS, a nonprofit serving to elevate conditions of inner-city neighborhoods, will hand out newsletters on environmentally-friendly ways to air condition, heat and light your house.

Part of the campaign’s agenda is to tackle long-term sustainability goals in Coney Island, one of Brooklyn’s most heavily populated and economically challenged areas.

“We take our new responsibility very seriously and plan to work hard to let the Coney Island community know that everybody has a role to play in helping the environment,” said Mathylde Frontus, founder and executive director of Urban Neighborhood Services.

If you’re not a resident of Coney Island don’t despair.  Con Edison has a lot of information on energy efficiency for everyone at its website.

And if anyone is interested in learning more about UNS and other programs they offer, information can be found here.