Con Ed Warns Bay Residents to Cut Back Power Usage

Photo courtesy of flybutter [Flickr].

Con Edison has issued warnings to communities in the south of Brooklyn to conserve energy and refrain from using appliances such as air conditioners. According to a customer service representative for the company, while there have been no blackouts in Sheepshead Bay, there has been a spike of usage during the heat wave that is stressing the system. They have contacted many residents living around Shore Parkway and around Gravesend Neck Road, noting that these areas in particular are “at risk”.

NY1, meanwhile, has reported that residents of the area have, in fact, experienced outages. According to the story, residents may go without power until Tuesday afternoon. While we can’t confirm blackouts and Con Ed has denied that there are any, the NY1 piece does have an interesting bit about how to be reimbursed for spoiled foods or lost business. You can read it after the jump.

Con Ed says some businesses and residents affected by this outage qualify for compensation. Residents may file a claim, up to a maximum of $450, for actual losses of food spoiled due to lack of refrigeration. Receipts or photos are needed for any claim over $200.
Businesses can get compensation for losses up to $9,000 for perishable items spoiled due to lack of refrigeration. Claims must include an itemized list and proof of loss and be filed within 30 days of the date of the power outage.
Those who think they qualify for some compensation from Con Ed can go to the utility’s website at:, click on Customer Central, and then Claims.