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Con Ed Releases Guide To “Simplified Certification Process” To Speed Up Service Restoration


Following our post earlier today about the need to have a licensed electrician or plumber certify to the city that your private property could safely handle a restoration of service, we heard a lot of grumbling that the process isn’t clear-cut enough and people are having trouble getting it done. Chaim Deutsch, of the Flatbush Shomrim and Councilman Nelson’s office, sent us the following Con Ed flier being distributed throughout the neighborhood, intended to ease the process.

A simplified process for turn-on requests will speed service restoration to buildings damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Because flood waters and winds can damage privately-owned electric and gas equipment, New York City Building Code requires a licensed electrician or plumber to certify that systems can be energized. This process is coordinated through the NYC Department of Buildings. While we recover from the hurricane, building owners can file a Self Certification Form directly with utilities to restore service faster.

Here are three steps to self-certify:

1. Get your energy equipment inspected, cleaned, and repaired by a licensed contractor.
2. Have your contractor download and complete a Self Certification Form (See links below).

3. E-mail your Self Certification Form to:

Self Certification forms are also available in Customer Outreach vans in communities most affected by flooding. Staff will also accept completed forms.

A service turn-on will be scheduled once the certification form is received.

Questions? Contact Con Edison Energy Services, seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

  • Brooklyn 718-802-6349
  • Manhattan 212-780-3136
  • Queens 718-802-6322
  • Staten Island 718-390-6373 or 718-390-6387

All other service restoration requests will require standard NYC Department of Buildings certification filings.

For issues related to your gas service, call National Grid at 718-643-4050.

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  1. “Simplified Certification Process” For crying out loud, what kind of mumbo jumbo, doublespeak is this, now?! Our power went out simultaneously, so there should be no problem getting us going simultaneously, once these ConEd folks get their inverters, converters, and relays connected properly! Many of us in northern Sheepshead Bay, and what they now call Homecrest, were without any power for five days, and now I’m hearing from work, that large areas along Neck Road, west of Ocean Avenue went down today, Wednesday. While the Public Service Commission supposedly represents the interests of the people, ConEd needs to be investigaed by an impartial panel, with enforcement powers, once this significant current catastophe is over with. That is, if we ever really see the light of day, from this mess! Nonetheless, I frankly believe our getting the short end of the stick, in this dilemna, has a lot to do with influence, money, Optimum, political power, Verizon, and LANGUAGE!

  2. What the hell is this?!?!? I’m waiting for a week and a half to get my power back and now Con Ed wants me to PAY a Licensed Electrician to certify that my building is okay to have the power turned back on?!! When is this bureaucratic nightmare going to stop?

  3. We need help in Sheepshead Bay? Many of us are still without power and Con Edison phone support is of very little help. They said that they will not turn power back on until everyone in the neighborhood is certified. Most residents aren’t even aware of this. Why can’t ConEd send someone to post notices and send electricians to the homes just as they do when they read the meters. Requiring everyone in the neighborhood to find and pay for licensed electricians on their own is an inefficient process that will take weeks to complete. My wife is ill and my family has been split up since last week. I am living with my son in a friend’s apartment. It doesn’t seem like anyone cares about the residents in Sheepshead Bay.

  4. Okay, I went to the Out Reach Center on Ocean Avenue twice today and spoke to the Con Ed reps there. The Self Inspection only applies if your electric meter and/or main circuit breaker panel(s) were underwater as a result of Hurricane Sandy. If they were not then you don’t have to hire an electrician for the self inspection. Con Ed will be going door to door to verify that your meter and main panel are okay.

    On a side note: They are running a lot of new cable over by Ocean Avenue and Voorhies Avenue and they are replacing a transformer, which has been holding up power restoration.

  5. Did they say when the door to door inspections will be conducted and how longbbefore they are completed? I want to be sure to be home.

  6. Hi Rich, They really didn’t give specifics about when the inspections would be done other that “we’re doing it right now and we should get to you soon.” I’ve been telling all of may neighbors, most of whom were totally clueless about the new process because they didn’t hear about it on the news. I found out about through the Con Ed web site, which I check several times a day, and here on Sheepshead Bites. What annoys me is that don’t the people at Con Ed realize that most people have day jobs they have to go during this whole crisis? People can’t schedule their lives around “maybe.”


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