Community Speaks Out Against Breakers Marina

Representatives of several community groups testified in front of Community Board 15 about their concerns to a proposed private marina development in Sheepshead Bay. The board unanimously agreed to send a letter of objection to relevant agencies urging further study.

The marina will be part of The Breakers, a 75-unit luxury condominium development at 3128 Emmons Avenue, the site of the former Palm Shore Club. It’ll feature 23 boat slips that the developer said is for the use of residents only. The pierhead-line would extend 94-feet from the bulkhead-line.

Below is a video of the three speakers who objected to the plans. The speakers, in order of appearance, are Jerry Borell, former commodore of Miramar Yacht Club; Kathleen Higgins, a member of Miramar Yacht Club; and Laura LaPlant, speaking on behalf of Kathy Flynn, president of the Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic Association.

The speakers bashed the plans, expressing concerns about the westward drift of sands and dredged materials filling the narrow channels, as well as causing problems for neighboring yacht clubs. They also called the developer’s assertion that the boat slips were for Breakers’ residents “highly unlikely,” and worried about parking issues. LaPlant asked that the slips be marked private “to avoid confusion in the future.”

Safety for other other boaters is also a concern, as the marina may block the “North Channel” of the bay, an unofficial safeway for small recreational boats like kayaks, as well as a channel for emergency vessels like FDNY and Coast Guard to pass through.

The type of vessels to be there were also of concern. Jetskis are a problem in the bay, speeding along at more than 40 mph, a “hazard to safe navigation in the bay,” said Borell. He also said that boats larger than 40 feet would be problematic, since the North Channel would certainly be blocked.

LaPlant brought up the materials to be used in the construction of the marina, pointing out that the strongest storms affecting the bay come from the east. She said docks on that side need to be stronger, as winds and waves can tear them apart and damage property deeper into the bay.

Tidal studies and environmental impacts are also being requested. The area under the proposed pier is a natural habitat and breeding ground for horseshoe crabs and fiddler crabs.

Because of these concerns, the Community Board voted unanimously to send a letter to the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, Army Corps of Engineers and the Coast Guard. The letter is demanding further study on the ramifications of such a proposal.


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