Community Policing Rolled Out in 62nd Precinct – What You Need To Know


BENSONHURST/GRAVESEND – Community Policing has been rolling out across the precincts in Brooklyn for a couple of years now, and the beginning of April it also started in Precinct 62, under Captain Anthony Longobardi. Chief Fausto Pichardo did the presentation for the community last week:

62nd Precinct, which includes Bensonhurst, Bath Beach and Gravesend, used to have 8 sectors. Under community policing, there are just four 4 sectors, labelled A, B, C and D, each with two dedicated NCOs – Neighborhood Coordination Officers.

These 2 officers are permanently assigned to each sector. They are there, day in and day out to be your allies, and to work on crime and quality of life issues in the community and to help resolve them. Here they are along with Captain Longobardi:

They are supported by dedicated patrol officers, also known as “steady sector officers”, who are also assigned to each sector on permanent basis and work with the NCOs. All in all, 19 additional police officers will be working in our communities as the result of community policing.

So how does it work? Take a look at the map and identify your sector – where you live, or work or have a business in:

Below are the names and emails of the NCOs responsible for each sector, and the NYPD brass encourage you to get to know them and to contact them when you think they can help:

NCO Supervisor Sgt Emanuel Iskhakov
Sector A PO Francisco Acosta
Sector A PO Danielle Valentine
Sector B PO Jean Innocent
Sector B PO Jelinson Martinez
Sector C PO Elias Khan
Sector C PO Michael Oggeri
Sector D PO Edward Boyle
Sector D PO Pavel Mashkov

These officers will be holding quarterly sector meetings with residents in each sector on regular basis. These meetings will not replace the monthly Police Community Council meetings, and you can also call your NCOs to invite them to any community, block association or tenant meeting where you think they can help resolve an issue. You can check when the next sector meeting is and where here:

You can also follow 62nd Precinct on Twitter @NYPD62Pct and FB.

A resident raised a concern that none of the NCOs are Asian, despite the fact that very large part of the community is Asian. Chief Pichardo assured that all officers have translation apps on their phones, and some speak languages other than English.

Thank you to neighbor Yuri Nazarov, who runs the Bensonhurst Parents FB group, for recording the meeting and sharing the footage. 

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