Commercial Space Available on Newkirk

Since many of you were recently clamoring for more restauranteurs to consider the streets beyond Cortelyou, let’s take a look at one space that’s currently available for rent on Newkirk Ave.

1514 Newkirk is on the corner of East 16th, and though it doesn’t look like a huge space inside, it’s probably more than enough for someone with a creative eye. With the improvements to Newkirk Plaza and to the strip of stores right across the street from this space, plus the fact that nearly 10,000 people use that subway stop on an average weekday, it’s not hard to imagine that a new restaurant could do well in this space.

But what kind? What would you most like to see there?

And if you think you’re the person for the space, contact Urban Retail Realty at 718-373-0333.