Colombo Mafioso Admits To Attempted Gambino Shakedown

Fusco leaves court after his guilty plea (image by Jesse Ward for Daily News)

The Daily News reported last Friday that Richard Fusco, the reputed consigliere of the Colombo crime family, pleaded guilty in federal court on Thursday to an attempted shakedown of Gambino family rivals – which would have allegedly included a percentage of proceeds from the annual Festa di Santa Rosalia on 18th Avenue.

According to the News, the funds were to go towards the medical expenses of stabbing victim Walter Samperi.

From Daily News:

Richard Fusco, 75, met on Staten Island with his captains to discuss how to proceed after a thug affiliated with the Gambinos stabbed Colombo associate Walter Samperi in May 2010.
The Colombos wanted $150,000 – $100,000 of which would come from the Gambinos’ cut from the 18th Ave. feast in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
Fusco admitted there was an “implied” threat of retaliation and “I did nothing to dispel it.” The meeting was secretly taped by Colombo turncoat Paul Bevacqua, who was wearing a wire.

Just before the court proceeding was under way, a court clerk censured Fusco for making an angry remark about the prosecutor, berating him to “keep your negative comments to yourself!”

The aging gangster was reportedly furious about the U.S. Attorney’s office refusal to have his electronic monitoring device removed.


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