Update On Coley The Osprey, Hangin’ In His Winter Habitat

Source: NASA via Wikimedia Commons

Coley the osprey, the majestic bird being tracked via GPS by a group of scientists, is not home right now. The lucky guy is sunning himself in tropical Colombia, hunting his prey while the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is frosted over, according to an update by the team tracking Coley’s exploits.

While we all might be jealous of Coley, whose life is a constant amazing journey of flying on his own wings between wondrous habitats, we ground-anchored mortals can content ourselves by checking out Coley’s New York summer home while he is away for the winter.

Ranger Colleen Sorbera gives us some stirring insight on the conditions at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge this winter.

If you’re willing to brave the cold, a midwinter walk through the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge can be a beautiful escape from city life.  If you’re lucky, a dusting of snow will lend an air of enchantment to the scene, and the wonders of nature are never far away here.Though many birds (including our osprey Coley) are enjoying the southern skies and chipmunks are resting underground, lots of wildlife remains to be discovered.  Cardinals, house finches, sparrows, and juncos cluster at the bird feeder behind the Visitor Center.  Flocks of starlings fill the branches of one tree at a time, chattering to each other before flying off all at once.  A great blue heron, a regular winter sight, is also a reminder of summer days.  A bald eagle was reported just last week soaring silently overhead.

Sounds divine. For more information on Coley and the conditions of the Wildlife Refuge, click here for the full update.