Coley The Osprey Is Raising His Family

Source: NASA via Wikimedia Commons

Coley the osprey’s busy year isn’t over yet. Until the scientists tracking his movements deem it fit to help remove Coley’s loose GPS tracking strap, they are still monitoring his incredible movements. Lately, according to the latest update from the Jamaica Bay Osprey Project, Coley is tending to his nest with his mate, protecting three eggs. Ranger Colleen Sorbera’s report gives a snapshot of Coley’s current day-to-day activities.

“We watched the nest for about 2 hours today – saw Coley bring in a fish for his mate and make 3 trips with nesting material. His pack still seems to be in perfect position,” the ranger said.

Coley’s eggs are expected to hatch in about a week. Sometime after that happens, the researchers will attempt to recapture Coley and free him of his tracking device.