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Coast Guard Creates "Safety Zone" Under Verrazano

Source: Darny via Flickr

Boaters traversing the Verrazano Narrows will now have to contend with a 110-yard “safety zone” implemented by the U.S. Coast Guard yesterday.

The temporary safety zone marks off the area where 1,500 artillery shells and munitions were discovered in October by local diver Gene Ritter. It sits just underneath the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

The discovery, which the New York Post just can’t stop calling the “bombshell revelation” – get it? – is thought to be a lost stockpile that spilled into the bay during a military accident in 1954.

Coast Guard officials said the safety zone will stay put at least until the end of June, or until the explosives are removed. But with the Navy claiming the shells aren’t their responsibility, it’s unclear who’s leading the cleanup effort.

Bonus: Ten points to any local boaters who can get me a photo of the safety zone!

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  1. For 56 years commercial and private boat traffic have sailed over these lost munitions obliviously in relative safety. If they were at risk of being detonated by standard boat traffic that would have happened already. Does the Coast Guard really need to mark the exact spot so every moron and terrorist know where they are?! Let’s be realistic here, a diver in a wet suit in the dark of night (embarking up current and letting the water carry them) could easily approach the area and do something stupid or horrible. Was this step really neccassary?

  2. Proverbial “forbidden fruit”… when you tell people “don’t do THAT” “THAT” is exactly what they will do, knowing that there are thrill-seekers and dare-devils and just plain stupid-a**es… as usual nothing is thought through…

  3. Remember when you Recognize what might be munitions, Retreat from the area and Report what you think you have found to the local authorities.

  4. Shit, another great point. They completed the Verazzano Bridge in 64….If these munitions are really from 54 then they were completely undisturbed by the construction of the biggest suspension bridge on the planet (at the time).

    Nothing short of a sinking ship or intentionally setting off those explosives is gonna do anything, they’ve theoretically put the community in danger for NO REASON.

  5. yeah, but if they don’t do something, and something bad happens, you liberals will:

    1. Complain to the heavens about how bad,evil, corrupt, and inefficient the American government is, and then (and I never understood this),
    2. Demand that the government (the same one you say stinks and is corrupt), take over the operation of everything in sight, and raise taxes to take care of the problem. And then,
    3. Institute insane regulations that bring any business remotely affected to a standstill.

  6. And if the government didn’t say anything about it, and the news got out thru the media, you would yell, conspiracy, cover-up, etc.

  7. i’d say 1500 shells is a threat. People who say “if it hasn’t been set off already, it’s not a threat”, obviously are not a veteran, and have no knowledge of fireams and munitions.

  8. Readers observe, the extreme right wing uses constant barrage tactics to brainwash you into believing that the rights of corporate America supersede those of you the individual.

    That said, intelligent people consider each situation individually.

  9. Container ships and some small water craft do go under the Verrazano. What this has to do with restrictions or regulations on Corporations is beyond me. I do wish some people wouldn’t try to extend their right wing agenda to everything under the sun. I’m sure those people would blame the liberals about the fact that the sky is blue next. Good luck bozos!

    I do think that if this needs to be removed it should be done quickly as possible and the munitions sent to a local museum.

  10. No I would not. If the government had a solid plan for dealing with it in a prompt and efficient manner, and didn’t tell the public until it was necessary I’d have no problem.

    Somethings the public need to know, like corruption and subversion of justice or how our money is spent. But something like this, where nothing positive can come from that knowledge, well it’s just needless risk.

  11. They are certainly a threat, but they aren’t an immediate one. I’d wager to say that in the last 50 years, between the construction of the Bridge and millions of ships passing by that simple water traffic and even heavy vibration wont set them off. In fact disturbing them with physical contact MIGHT.

    The City and State need to figure out who’s responsible as soon as possible, and then levy a lawsuit to require them to clean it up asap, or clean it up themselves and sue the responsible group for restitution.


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