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“Clean Up Sheepshead Bay” Group Launches On Facebook


A Sheepshead Bay resident is looking for a few good guys and gals to help clean up the neighborhood.

Bites reader Danil Rudoy launched the group yesterday, seeking volunteers to “pitch in and get our neighborhood cleaned up.”

Rudoy is organizing volunteers to remove branches from roadways and is looking for equipment to pump water out of public areas and local institutions like the Russian American Jewish Experience (RAJE) facilities. He’s also offering help cleaning up local homes and businesses.

You can find the group here.

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  1. KCC students: Faculty and students are not allowed on campus to help clean up. Since competition to get into schools is getting more and more competitive, please consider joining this effort to help clean up. You can make it a resume line. Employers are looking for volunteer efforts and this will show that you care about those around you. Just an idea (because I know none of my students are studying for my midterm exams ha ha)

  2. BTW campus is sandy and muddy. The beach is gone. The sand is up against the patio glass that lines the cafeteria. The MAC was flooded. The T-Buildings are covered with mud.

  3. After all this is said and done, it would be a good idea to have a sort-of Sheepshead Bay Restaurant Week to jump-start some of the businesses affected by the hurricane.

  4. Any idea how long it will take to pump out water from the basements of the larger apartment building? The basements of these buildings contain elevator and electrical fixtures, boilers, and other equipment. The longer they are submerged by saltwater the worse the damage will be.

    I also think that even if ConEd restores power these apartment buildings will not be operational with flooded basements.

    It’s very difficult to find a gas powered waterpump now. I spent all day yesterday trying to track one down. (The electric generator powered ones are too small for larger buildings.)

    If anyone sees pumps being used on the street please get their business card and post the information here.

    If you live in an apartment building ask your management/super if they have been able to find a pumping service.

    I know a couple of people in small private homes got their basements pumped out by paying a guy with a small electric pump hooked up to a generator. Are people having trouble locating that type of service?

    If so maybe we should post those phone numbers here as well.

    Ned, perhaps there should be another post where people looking for a water pump can connect with people who have one they are not currently using.

  5. Does anyone know when the electricity is scheduled to resume in Sheepshead Bay and also whether the neighborhood has overhead power lines, which supposedly takes longer?


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