Clarified: 18th Avenue Feast To Be Full 10-Day Event

Sometimes in news reporting you get some bad information, and despite your best efforts, it never becomes clear that it’s bad until it has been published.

Turns out that was the case with the 18th Avenue Feast in Bensonhurst – and I suppose we should’ve known better than to trust a city website for accurate information.

Our sister site, Bensonhurst Bean, noted that the city’s event calendar listed the event as a one day affair – a story Sheepshead Bites picked up on. Turns out, it was all a big typo.

Bensonhurst Bean reports:

Due to a typo on the city’s (still uncorrected) official event calender, we – and some city officials – were led to believe that the feast would be cancelled.
It looks like the 18th Avenue Feast will be held, as usual, for 10 days.
According to the mayor’s office, the 2011 Festa di Santa Rosalia  will take place from August 25 to September 4.

We’re glad to hear this great neighborhood tradition is sticking around, and we do regret any confusion or inconvenience the original posts may have caused.


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