City Pays For Their Snowy Mistakes, Literally

Remember this idiot, who tore up a parked car because he didn’t know how to handle the plow?

If a snow plow truck damaged anything that you own in the wake of the December 26 storm, including your home, your car, or your self, you may receive compensation from the city if you haven’t already.  According to Gothamist, the city has paid out $729,677 to people whose homes, cars, or selves were damaged by city crews responding to the snow.

Oh, but the city is far from done. Not even halfway done, actually.  So far, the city has only paid 297 of the 842 claims.

Hopefully, those who suffered damages already filed their claims, since they had to be in by this week to meet the 90-day post-storm deadline. Obviously, most involve damaged vehicles or damaged property.  However, the Gothamist found out that 65 have claimed personal injury. Some were cases where family members died because ambulances couldn’t reach them in the snow.  Perhaps the price tag on this thing will encourage a better response?


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