City Paints Squiggly Lines Along Neptune Avenue

CONEY ISLAND – Residents in Coney Island and Sea Gate can now look forward to two kinds of waves: those in Gravesend Bay and the yellow ones on the ground along Neptune Avenue.

The Department of Transportation repaved Neptune Avenue during the past weeks and on Thursday painted dizzying double lines from W. 33 St. to W. 37 St.  Residents contacted their local councilman when they saw the contractors doing the street work.

“This is a complete sign of disrespect to the community,” said City Councilman Mark Treyger who serves Sea Gate and most of Coney Island.

The paint job blunder comes after earlier problems with the project. DOT promised the street rehab would start the end of summer but delayed it until October, according to Treyger. Within days of completing the paving portion, potholes surfaced along Neptune Avenue next to Kaiser Park.

It sends a terrible message to the community that the government just lacks the capacity to do this type of work,” said Treyger. “One of the most basic functions of local government is to pave the street.

Treyger said the repaving hiccups disrupted traffic and the quality of life but the squiggly line drawing “unacceptable”.

The councilman is calling for accountability from contractors and more oversight from DOT over the work they contract out.

DOT did not respond to Bklyner about the issue before post time.

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Kadia Goba

Former Politics Reporter for Bklyner, covering Brooklyn politics and Crown Heights/PLG/Bed Stuy. @kadiagoba


  1. Not only is this a total lack of competence and sign of disrespect, it continues to show the blatant dysfunction taking place at the DOT! They have no idea what they’re doing, from paving to basic traffic control. What a disgrace. And it all falls into the lap of our dysfunctional mayor. They ALL should be held accountable for this debacle and nothing short of a major overhaul of the agency is needed. WAKE THE F**K UP NYC!

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