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City Council Demands Bicycling Data


With the midterm elections over, our nation taken back, it’s finally time to get down to the people’s business. There’s a sinister element among us, and we need to shine the light of freedom brightly upon it.

We’re talking, of course, about bikers. And no, not the leather, tattoo and goatee types, nor the midlife crisis-stricken insurance brokers out on Long Island who bought a Harley to prove to their younger co-workers that yes, they really are cool. (Ed. – We’re looking at you, Chad.)

I mean bicyclists. They’re everywhere, and they’re wreaking havoc among our citizens. Or at least, they may be, and the City Council Transportation Committee thinks we ought to know about it.

Bikes running over pedestrians, bikes colliding with other bikes, colliding with motor vehicles, crashing through shop windows, leading police on high speed chases before exploding in a fiery swan dive off of a cliff – okay, maybe not the last two, but the point remains: statistics on bicycle-related accidents are non-existent and are currently not collected by the NYPD or the DOT.

The City Council wants to change all that, seeking to put a bill to vote that would compel the Boys in Blue and the DOT to keep tabs on the pedaling menace, wherever it may lurk, which happens to be everywhere… except on bike lanes. The bill, expected to move forward early next year, would require reports to be filed for accidents involving bicyclists even when there is no automobile involved and no injuries occur.

“We cannot assess traffic safety without knowing how many accidents are caused by bicycles and where,” Transportation Committee chair Jimmy Vacca told CBS. “It’s an important part of our attempt to improve pedestrian safety in the city.”

[via Queens Crap]

— Eitan Kahan

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  1. First step toward a biycle license and the revenue it could generate? After all, who should pay for these studies, bike lanes, safety regulations and enforcement? Jobs for more peolpe!

  2. Enforce the laws that pertain to cyclists, like keeping them off the sidewalk, and you’ll generate enough money to fund these studies.

  3. “Now that we have taken our country back” Yes the morons are back in charge. We can look forward to the Republicans to find a new country to invade and attempt to take over. Remember Bush, he claimed that democracies don’t start wars. Think about all the wars we have gotten into for no reason, just to get our children killed. Wow it is a form of Birth Control. They could call it a post part-um abortion- Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Grenada The Baltics, to name a few.

  4. I am very against making laws that are not going to be enforce, or are impossible to enforce. Just imagine a cop ticking a child riding on the sidewalk, how about the unenforced laws on wearing helmets. What is the point of it?

  5. Speaking about the City Council, these are a bunch of people on the public dole, and they had the gall to vote with “Mayor” Bloomberg and extend their terms for an additional term. And the proposition allowed them to get away with it. And they made it so that people elected during the election last week could not serve 3 terms. What Con Artists, all of them.

  6. There are laws that are in place merely for guidance. Children should wear helmets. I don’t think adults are required to. Though probably they should as well. For their own safety.

  7. War is one way we keep the population from overwhelming the planet. We just don’t have enough of them to adequately address the problem.(Don’t take me seriously. But there were actually theorists that suggested such a lunacy early in the last century. File that under Social Darwinism)

  8. I do wish people would stop doing that. It’s disconcerting to have to walk past them, especially since some can’t bicycle in a straight line. Probably why they won’t bicycle in the street.


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