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City Agency Mismanaging Money? Suggest An Audit!


by Marina Fridman-Rybner

NYC Comptroller John C. Liu recently launched “My Money NYC,” a new website‘s to promote accountability and transparency in New York City Government. The slogan puts it best: “New Yorkers deserve to know when, where, and how government spends their hard-earned tax dollars.”

So if you ever wondered what happens to your tax dollars, Liu has simplified ways to find out.

Of the new tools unveiled by the Comptroller, the “Open Audit” is one that readers ought to check out. New Yorkers can now suggest city agencies and contracts that they would like the Comptroller’s office to examine and look for discrepancies or misspending. With the MTA hikes going into effect today, and reports of snow plows sitting unused during the blizzard, we’re betting you have a few recommendations for Liu.

Suggestions go directly to the office’s auditors who will prioritize them. But you have to hurry, as the auditors will make their decisions for 2011 audits in just the next few weeks.

Other tools offered by the new My Money NYC include:

  • “Checkbook NYC” – a daily updated online database of city expenses, searchable by agency, vendor, payee or check amount. It will be very interesting to check this out in the near future, to see just how much the blizzard  is costing us.
  • “Clear View” – allows you to search for City contracts registered with the Comptrollers Office.
  • “MWBE Report Card” – measures the contracting opportunities given to minority and women-owned businesses.

Check out My Money NYC by clicking here.

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  1. Here’s the actual website, your link was “mismanaged” 😉
    I wonder if this is just smoke up the taxpayer’s rear end, or if they’ll really read and listen to suggestions.

  2. This sounds like a good tool for an investigative blogger. For everyone else, my self included, who has time?

  3. Can I have breakdown of where the lottery money for schools went?
    I posted a comment on a site some time ago (damn if I know what site) that
    I could have paid for a new gym with my losses. This was when a school
    was begging for a gym.
    My point is, there are a lot of losers, where’s the money?

  4. Yeah, Ned.. investigate my comment. I have time but I am too lazy.
    Anyone running for office want to pick it up?

  5. Yeah, thanx Ned I’m not an investigative news reporter, just curious,
    It’s a state issue that reflects on city issues, Me thinks.


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