Even After Its Doors Close, Church Continues Helping Community

(image by Amanda Woods for Home Reporter)

Last Thursday’s Home Reporter carried a story about the now-closed Fort Hamilton Presbyterian Church, which leaves behind a legacy of community philanthropy by using its remaining assets to generously help neighborhood institutions.

According to an article by Amanda Woods, the church, which ceased operations in December 2010, has donated $10,000 of its memorial fund to the Brooklyn Public Library’s Fort Hamilton Branch (9424 4th Avenue).

From Home Reporter:

…a contribution which funded the purchase of 500 items for the library’s children’s section, including videos and tapes. In honor of the parishioners’ generosity, the library held a reception on August 4 to express the impact the small congregation made on a neighborhood literary institution.
“It really underscores for me…that you represent the best in the community,” said Councilman Vincent Gentile as he commended the church members. He added that the city money used for library renovations is not what makes the biggest difference – the real impact comes from within the community.
“What makes a library is what people contribute to it,” Gentile said. “That’s what makes it special; that’s what makes it great.”

Woods goes on to report that the funds also went to 39 other groups that benefit Bay Ridge and Sunset Park residents.

Beneficiaries include the Guild for Exceptional Children, the Bay Ridge Scholarship, the Norwegian Christian Home, the (food) Pantry of Shore Hill, the Saint Nicholas Home, Calvary Hospice and Augustana Lutheran.