Children Are Born To Build! ConstructionKids Summer Camps

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ConstructionKids’ Week Long Summer Camps are known for the dynamic projects that campers build. We teach safe, appropriate tool usage, along with drawing, painting, and creative play. We aim to foster each child’s confidence in their skills at designing, making, repairing, and revising.

Summer Camp for Ages 4 to 6: Great New Themes

Our mission is to nurture Campers with active and creative minds. We encourage the imagination and problem-solving skills of our campers by showing them that they can learn to make anything they want with the help of some wood, a hammer, and some nails.

Photo provided by ConstructionKids

Advanced Summer Camp for Ages 7 to 9: All New Themes

Designed for first time and experienced campers who are looking to challenge their engineering, problem solving, and critical reasoning abilities with complex multi-day projects. The camp weeks will incorporate traditional ConstructionKids tools with our new power tool lessons and usage. These camps are great for ConstructionKids camp alumni who want to take their skills to the next level!

Photo provided by ConstructionKids

Locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan from June 19 to Sept 1.

Early Bird Discount Ends March 15.

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