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Child Hit By Car In Midwood, In Critical Condition

Source: mikey k via flickr
Source: mikey k via flickr

A van struck a 12-year-old boy in Midwood Tuesday night, sending him to the hospital in critical condition. The Brooklyn Paper is reporting that the accident happened near Bedford Avenue and Avenue M in Midwood.

The Brooklyn Paper described the scene of the accident on Tuesday:

Police were called to the scene near Avenue M at 7:20 pm, where they found the young victim clinging to life.

The driver stayed at the scene and even spoke to witnesses, who described him as visibly shaken from the accident.

“He told me he was the driver,” said Sherman Kahn, who lives a block away on E. 26th Street. “He was shook up.”

Kahn also described long skid marks leading up to the accident, which he estimated were between 40 and 50 feet long.

The driver received two summonses following the accident — for speeding and driving with an expired license.

The report also noted that the Collision Investigation Squad was called to the scene to lead the investigation. The special unit usually investigates accidents where the victim is killed or close to death, reflecting the grave situation facing the child.

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  1. this is just one of many car accidents happening daily in brooklyn. no one observes the speed limit and feel they always have the right of way on the road.

  2. where is chaim deutsch…isn’t he the safety candidate…such a terrible thing that happens far too often in our neighborhood

  3. Why should they observe the speed limit? The penalty for killing someone is….is… A SUMMONS! You see the attitudes on this board. Speeding is no big deal.

  4. deutsch should run in his district. he brought up the topic of “Orthodox Jews” many times – howver that is not a priority in our district (it for sure is in the district where he lives)

    Candidates participating in the FJCC forum are so silly – it was clearly put in place to help Chaim win.

    Let’s keep the Flatbush/Borough Park bullshit out of here.

    His shomrim organization rarely gave a f*** about our neighborhood.

    It’s really a shame – Scavo who does and has done way more for our neighborhood wasn’t the winner of this past election.


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