Charges Dismissed After Video Proves Bogus Arrest, But Homeowner Fears For His Safety

An example of the graffiti left near the Hockenjos' home.

A Sheepshead Bay man accused of attempting to run over a cop had the charges against him tossed last week, after surveillance video suggested the arresting officer may have fabricated the incident.

The Daily News reports:

Felony charges against John Hockenjos, 55, accused of driving at a “high rate of speed,” causing the officer “to jump out of the way,” were thrown out after a surveillance tape showed the Brooklyn man slowly pulling into his driveway and the cop not even flinching.

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“I was very worried. These were very serious charges against me,” the MTA engineer said after his ordeal ended. “I was facing seven years in prison.”

Officer Diego Palacios made the allegation Feb. 5 after responding to a call by Hockenjos’s neighbor.

… “The people are moving to dismiss for lack of evidence and in the interest of justice,” prosecutor Danit Almog said in Brooklyn Criminal Court Thursday morning.

“There’s a larger issue here,” said Hockenjos’ lawyer Craig Newman. “You have a police officer who doesn’t have the right temperament or judgment to be wearing a badge who’s still out there.”

The NYPD has confirmed that the Internal Affairs Bureau is looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, the Hockenjos’ told Sheepshead Bites that they feel unsafe and unprotected, afraid to call police in the case of an incident. When a vandal left graffiti on their home in late February that they interpreted as threatening in light of their ongoing feud with a neighbor, they told us they could not rely on the police to provide help.

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  1. I watched the tape thanks to Sheepshead Bay Bites. This police officer knowingly
    filed false allegations against this man that not only  could have sent him to prison but also would have ruined his family’s life.
    There are many fine policemen out there this is not one of them. And what of his partner standing besides him? Get rid of these poor excuses, I wonder how many false arrests have been made by these two.

  2. Cops are savages….they will put you and your family
    under financial burden and mental stress in order to confirm their EGOcentric
    behavior. Damn bastards….lets give out more tickets, lets falsify reports in
    order to arrest people and etc….meanwhile general public takes it in the
    ass..oh well that’s how its going to stay if we all act like sheep’s myself

  3. So its ok to just drop charges against a PIG who almost
    cause to lose someone’s freedom for damn 7 YEARS, unnecessary financial burden,
    physical and emotional stress over some scumbag PIG who felt he is the above
    anyone else……

  4. Unfortunately I see this as just another example of how poorly the 61st is run, how the local government is not going to get involved, and lastly, how living in this area is somewhat akin to living in the old Wild West. 
    The people chosen to enforce the law of the land are more corrupt then the 
    law makers…. 

  5. I peronally will call again today…to check with a local pricent to see what the hell is going on….I am not sure if PIG on the phone will be a normal human being and answer my questions….if i have to I will go there to confirm my doubts… remember in no way police work for you…so its imporatnt to support good everyday people that never wished or had not done anything harmful.

  6. Officer Diego Palacios you are a fucking asshole! Police officer.. hah..  I wish that they place him on patrol duty by himself in the nostrand projects at night. Time to shit your pants mr police officer. Ohh and I refuse to have any part of my income tax go to this pigs wallet, even if its 1 cent

  7. Update: I called 61 precinct at 1230

    Just spoke to a female PIG P.O could not really made
    her name out because she says her name at the speed of light ….when I started
    asking questions about her PIG co-worker. She right away gave me an attitude..Apparently
    PIG still on the force. I swear that’s what she told me…when asked why he
    still works she said call One Police Plaza…before the crazy bitch decided to hang
    up phone on me I asked may I speak to a supervisor only thing I heard click.

    One my third try male office picked up P.O Zukas…who is
    also being arrogant but little bit nicer..This is what he told me its not of my
    business regarding that police officer…they not allowed to disclose anything. Whats
    bunch of BS they work “supposedly” for us but I can’t ask questions what’s the
    status of PIG that almost took away freedom from a person who absolutely did
    nothing. He said he won’t answer anymore questions if I want to speak to
    someone I will have come to down to the precinct.  I will try to make it to the precinct tonight…

  8. Good work! I hope you follow through with going to the precinct because i will return to this site tonight to see your update. Thanks again!

  9. ahahahah careful they might say that you were trying to kill them with an I phone or something.

    But seriously good job! Keep it up. They need to understand that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS!!

  10. Why not spend time more productively….  First thing that comes to mind is getting this story out to the bigger media. Passing it on to as many names as you can find in the directory for Brooklyn and NYC officials. (

    I think what your trying to do is admirable, but going to go nowhere in the long run. If you truly wish to make this your ‘raison d’être’ for the moment, then do it for real – balls to the wall so to speak, and let everyone you can know what’s going on here in our little corner of the world.  

    I’ll do my part to fight police corruption if you do yours.  

    Ned, with your permission, can I send out links to your site to everyone and anyone who will listen?

  11. There’s nothing I can do to stop you from sending out links to whoever you like. However, I personally disagree with MyBrooklyn’s approach.

    First of all, if you think you’re going to get anywhere with anybody with any authority by calling all police “PIGS”, you’re fooling yourself. It’s disrespectful to the majority of cops, who are good and work hard to serve and protect. And if you think your’re going to get anywhere by mistakenly assuming all police officers are corrupt assholes, and that you can “win” by somehow repeating that claim without any evidence, you’re not only going to get laughed at, but someone is eventually going to get rightfully offended, stand up for themselves, and sock you one (I’d hope no PO would do that, but they’re human and not beyond an emotional reaction).

    Second, MyBrooklyn has a poor understanding of how the disciplinary process works. Just because a court threw out the charges against Hockenjos does not mean the officer has been found guilty of anything. In this case, it strongly suggests that he will be, but this is America, and he still has an opportunity to make his case. And that’s why he’s still on the force – because of a little something called the presumption of innocence that is meant to protect all of us. 
    Palacios is currently being investigated by Internal Affairs. In every IA investigation, no one other than the commissioner has clearance to talk about Palacio, the incident, or the investigation. That’s a good thing, since you wouldn’t expect impartial information from the people who have worked around him for years. Internal Affairs operates independently.So before bitching that no one at the 61st is talking to you about what’s going on to Palacio, understand that they all stand to be penalized if they say a single word more than “The incident is currently under investigation by internal affairs.”That said, I’m going to keep an eye on this, but it’s a process and things don’t happen overnight. Now what can you do? Show up at the next 61st Precinct Community Council meeting (we’ll announce it on the site), meet the deputy inspector, and politely ask how this could have happened and what is being done to ensure it won’t happen elsewhere under his command. The more people that come out, the better. It’s a much more effective way of showing the precinct that the community is on alert, and that the breach of trust needs to be repaired.I guarantee that’ll get a much more amenable response from the precinct than screaming “PIGS!” and harassing them with phone calls for info they’re not able to give out.

  12. Thank you, I’d like to share the link to your article, and it’s nicer to have permission from the writer/owner.  And yes, I do agree that calling anyone ‘pig’ isn’t a very good way to have a dialog. Going in with an attitude isn’t going to help.

    My idea is simply to make sure that the appropriate parties are notified that there is (seemingly) a pattern of a particular behavior. And to use this as an example. 
    And to do so over and over until someone (anyone) finally starts an investigation into the 61st. 

  13. You could always ask a local representative to look into it. But good luck getting a Democrat to take on the NYPD or PBA. And I vote democrat mostly. Good luck getting any politician for either party to look into this one. Too bad we don’t have a powerful community organizer with a name and who gets media attention.

  14. You really think the appropriate parties CARE? I know so many horror stories from a few years ago when I lived there, personal problems with the police, the 61st, and I may visit relatives but I will avoid setting foot in NYC so they don’t even get another penny from me, it was not any place I want to return, not with the place running wild, with gang members in uniforms, running around with guns.

  15. I have since emailed all the information that I was able to gather to every political representative that works for New York City. I’m not concerned with party affiliations, I am concerned that someone with the authority to do something get the information. Sometimes it really is just a matter of getting the right person’s attention at the right time.  
    While I am as embittered and cynical as any New Yorker, I still believe that it does take just one person to make a difference.  

  16. Thank you.  Am also glad that you no longer live here. Perhaps you should cut all ties, and stop looking in on the goings on of a place that you clearly despise.

  17. Police officers do not have to answer your questions. if you want results go to CCRB (civilian complaint review board). it is located at 40 Rector street, NY NY.

  18. […] They are usually armed, often unpredictable, travel in overwhelming numbers, and are not above attacking or even killing innocent people that are unlucky enough to be confronted by them. So, interacting with them individually can be very dangerous. If possible, make sure others are present and ALWAYS carry a camera to document any improprieties and ensure a neutral “witness.” […]

  19. […] They are usually armed, often unpredictable, travel in overwhelming numbers, and are not above attacking or even killing innocent people that are unlucky enough to be confronted by them. So, interacting with them individually can be very dangerous. If possible, make sure others are present and ALWAYS carry a camera to document any improprieties and ensure a neutral “witness.” […]

  20. Hockenjos
    is liar, this is not his house where graffiti is, it’s neighbor’s construction
    fence. Hockenjos harass this neighbors
    and call police, fire department, Department of Buildings on them. Whole block
    see this action going for third year! Hockenjos constantly complain on all city
    agencies related they are neighbors: over 200 complaints through DOB, no one
    police officer stays without complaint from them. Finally City beginning investigating
    this and hope it will be considered as crime. This man has car with license
    plate for years as handicap: how he got this privilege? Even his wife physical well
    build women. However, I will ask this newspaper investigate more incidents before
    report official lie for public. Every article on Hockenjos has incorrect
    information, feels that Hockenjos writing himself all this bull#*%. After that
    I want ask the authorities: why we should read and trust this paper?

  21. This false accusations looks like written by Elen Paumere who is caught on the camera not only harassing but assaulting the Hockenjos’, done openly demolition of the Hockenjos’ fence for expanding the lot 226 Paumere bought next to the Hockenjos’ by taking over Hockenjos’ lot 225! This tactics is known and called “accuse the accuser” and Paumeres do accuse Hockenjos ‘ falsely all the time! Paumeres clearly committing crime odf extortion Hockenjos’ property and Paumere was false witness of Hockenjos’ trying to kill police officers! Argo Paumere must be in Jail for perjury and he is a free man! Investigation for Paumeres connections to severely corrupt Department of Buildings needed badly but Paumeres fully controlling not only NYPD on duty committing crimes for Paumeres benefits but inspectors from DOB,, NYFD and other City Agencies are helping to Paumeres commit extortion of the Hockenjos’ property! Paumeres were 4 times approved and disapproved for construction taken over all Hockenjos’ land! Inspectors of City Agencies openly stating that Paumeres have connections to their supervisors to demand that inspectors will come to harass theHockenjos’ and demand Hockenjos’ property for Paumeres gain of hundreds of thousands of dollars after extortion will be complete! Elen Paumere assaulted Irina Hockenjos’, vandalized Hockenjos’ property and never was spending any time in Jail Elen Paumere arrest on the summer of 2010 has no trace and she was freed in very strange circumstances! Yes , investigations needed , needed to find our how Paumeres developed corrupt connections which permitting severe crimes of extortion Hockenjos’ property, defaming the Hockenjos ‘ on the web and falsely accusing of crimes none stop! Paumeres came to U.S. approximately at the same time whemn the Hockenjos ‘ bought Hockenjos’ only home lot 225 and interesting part Paumeres lived in the same area that Mr. Bloomberg relatives Brighton and Alston in Boston MA! A lot of people lived and continue to live in Boston but none of them moving to NYC and openly committing extortions of other peoples property and money! Nobody but Paumeres openly demanding Hockenjos land by deed in Supreme Court without any legal reason for it and Paumeres case is not dismissed but Paumere after making numerous of calls getting inlawful actions done toward the Hockenjos’ not only by DOB,NYPD and NY State Courts! Corrupt connections must be investigates and Paumeres must be stopped and punished! Very interesting fact that Bloombergs administration ignored all Hockenjos’ complaints and Bloombergs Office Commission on Human Rights told to the Hockenjos’ that homeowners have NO HUMAN RIGHTS! It is true till Paumeres will get away with committing frauds, extortions, perjuries, attempts to kill the Hockenjos’ without any lawful actions from the law enforcements-Hockenjos’ and others in NYC have no Human Rights and it is lawlessness!

  22. […] They are usually armed, often unpredictable, travel in overwhelming numbers, and are not above attacking or even killing innocent people that are unlucky enough to be confronted by them. So, interacting with them individually can be very dangerous. If possible, make sure others are present and ALWAYS carry a camera to document any improprieties and ensure a neutral “witness.” […]

  23. […] They are usually armed, often unpredictable, travel in overwhelming numbers, and are not above attacking or even killing innocent people that are unlucky enough to be confronted by them. So, interacting with them individually can be very dangerous. If possible, make sure others are present and ALWAYS carry a camera to document any improprieties and ensure a neutral “witness.” […]


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