Chandler-Waterman Claims Louis Struck ‘Deal’ with Developers For ‘Trump Supporters’’ Votes

L-R: Councilmember Farah Louis and Monique Chandler – Waterman. Official photos.

EAST FLATBUSH/MIDWOOD — City Council candidate for District 45 Monique Chandler-Waterman on Friday said that Council Member Farah Louis was party to a “deal” made with developers to get votes from “Trump supporters”— a claim Louis categorically denied.

Asked what she believes the arrangement was, Chandler-Waterman didn’t specify, replying, “I don’t know what the nature of the deal was, but is it a coincidence that you get hundreds of Trump supporters to support one candidate?”  

“I am not sure what was offered, but I know that there’s a lot of development, and developers are supporting her, and we have a big issue when it comes to affordable housing and development all over our community, overdevelopment and upzoning,” Chandler-Waterman told Bklyner. “Obviously, a conversation or a deal was made beforehand, before the [May special] election.”

This comes after in May Chandler-Waterman claimed to City & State that “Trump supporters actually determined the race,” rather than true Democrats, by supporting Louis. This was interpreted to mean Jewish voters, since many Orthodox Jews, particularly in Midwood, voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 general election despite most being registered Democrats.

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On Friday, she made a similar argument.  

“You can’t say you’re a Democrat—a true Democrat—then behind closed doors you’re dealing with Republicans and Trump supporters when nobody’s looking,” she said. “We don’t share the same values.”

“It’s different visions,” she added. “They don’t have the same issues as our community. They don’t have the same alignment. We are a Democrat district.”

The two candidates will on Tuesday again face off, this time in a Democratic primary, after Louis won with just over 40 percent to Chandler-Waterman’s 30 percent of the vote in May. This time around, though, only registered Democrats are able to vote.

Louis, in a subsequent interview, said her campaign doesn’t take money from developers, and instead “supports the community in efforts to downzone or to get contextual zoning.”

“I’m not happy with the development happening in our district,” she said. “We have nothing but luxury, market [-rate] rentals. There are no options for homeownership.”

“Why would I want development in my district?” she went on. “I’m tired of the big buildings and the Legoland-looking buildings on every block. It is disgusting. It’s taking away from the character of the neighborhood.”   

In a statement Friday afternoon, Louis said “it’s unfortunate that opinion-based claims about my alleged association with developers with no factual implication can spawn a news story.”

She also defended receiving support from people who voted for Trump in 2016.

“It may be unpopular opinion, but I believe anyone can stand with the vision of unification,” said Louis. “There are many people who voted for Trump in 2016 for whatever reason and denounce his presidency today. Unification doesn’t solely apply to one demographic or type of people. District 45 deserves a politician who listens and cares.”

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Sam Raskin

Sam Raskin has reported for Politico New York, Gotham Gazette, Gothamist and Curbed New York.


  1. It is really a sad testament to journalism when stories are written without any valid and supportive documentation. What is even sadder is a loser in a political race, who instead of helping the winner to unify the district, is the catalyst behind an article that is baseless and without merit. The voters are smart and will see through the smokescreen of untruths. Voters want leaders who are honest and have integrity. That is why they elected Farah and will re-elect her on Tuesday.

  2. It is unfortunate that Monique
    Chandler-Waterman has to always stoop to lying and making factless statements. It is shameful that these articles are published without any investigation or fact checking. Monique’s has had the financial backing of Yeshaya Wasserman for her Clarkson Ave location and other East Flatbush Village events for years. You should look to Jumaane Williams if you want to investigate the permitting of these buildings in East Flatbush. He was the councilmember during the developer explosion. These buildings have been going up for a few years So sad for Monique to show her desperation by continuously lying she cannot accept the reality that “real” democrats DON’T want her to represent them. Jumaane Williams and Nick Perry should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to force an inferior candidate on the 45th district.

  3. Here are just some of the shady individuals who signed a Farah Louis support letter which Friends of Farah Louis paid to run in local Jewish newspapers: Ephraim Fructhandler, on Public Advocate’s Worst Landlords list in 2016. Peter Rebenwurzel, named by Stabilizing NYC as one of the ten worst predatory equity landlords in NYC. Avi Schron, one of NYC’s largest developers, recently sued by small business owners in Coney Island for displacing them to make room for out-of-character 41-story tower. ALL INDISPUTABLE FACTS

  4. And what about Yeshaya Wasserman who pays Monique’s rent on Clarkson and has funded her Not in My Hood March. This man is on the Worst Landlord’s List and has violations up through May 2019. The hypocrisy is rich and so is the desperation. Monique has never cared about this issue until now. She is on the community board and never attended a meeting or joined a list serv about the issue but I’m supposed to believe that she cares about displacement. We aren’t Trump supporters. We just know Monique and the person she has always been. We aren’t here for the photo ops and discretionary funding. We are here for the work. Most people who volunteered with or worked with this woman have left her for a reason. The behavior she has resorted to now is disgusting and ridiculous.

  5. These are very interesting times. Welcome to District 45 politics Sam. I know you were wisely chosen to take on the issues of Brooklyn upon Kadia’s departure. As you can see, there are interests and agendas on both sides of this political war in our district. We will see how June 25th turns out so that I can see who my opponent for November 5th will be.





  6. sad to see race-baiting coming from those who have suffered from it. common ground ought not be bigotry

  7. If Chandler-Waterman continues to resort to these kinds of tactics, she’s going to get her ass kicked a second time, only worse than before. She is completely without integrity. She cares about herself, period, and nothing else. However, I thank her for making it easier to see how much more qualified and deserving Farah Louis is of a D45 seat.

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