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Chaim Deutsch Crosses Ethnic Barriers To Defeat Storobin By Wide Margin!

Photo from Deutsch’s primary victory night in September

Although the district has seen its share of narrow victories in the last few election cycles – including a whopper of a race that saw David Storobin beat Lew Fidler by just 13 votes last year – this was not one of them.

Councilman-elect Chaim Deutsch beat Republican Storobin by 2,716 votes, pulling in 55.1 percent of total votes, in the race to replace Michael Nelson.

“Throughout this campaign, I have walked the streets of this district. I have met the people and I have listened to the their concerns,” said Deutsch during his victory party last night, as reported by Brooklyn Daily. “I understand the unique difficulties that face the residents of this district and I am eager to tackle the issues.”

In order to achieve victory, Deutsch needed to cross ethnic lines far outside of his Orthodox Jewish base in Flatbush. He picked up Asians in Homecrest and Pakistanis in Brighton Beach, as he did in the primary. But, to cross the finish line, Deutsch must have picked up a sizable percentage of the Russian vote that went to Ari Kagan in September.

Indeed, it appears that predictions that Working Families Party Igor Oberman would prove a spoiler to Storobin by pulling in those who vote along ethnic lines, thereby splitting the Russian vote, were unfounded. Oberman brought in 850 votes, or 5 percent. Had all those votes been added to Storobin’s 6,645, the Republican candidate still would have been 11 points behind Deutsch. The Democrat would have won this race in a head-to-head match-up.

The Russian “kingmaker,” Gregory Davidzon, had also launched a write-in campaign. Those results will not be available for several days, or even weeks.

Aside from Deutsch, other Democratic candidates for City Council had a satisfying night in Southern Brooklyn, despite the fact that it’s one of few areas where Republican Joe Lhota took a sizable percentage of the vote in his race for mayor.

Here are the other results of other Southern Brooklyn City Council races:

43rd District (Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Dyker Heights)

  • Vincent Gentile (D) – 12,638 votes (62.7%)
  • John Quaglione (R) – 7,162 votes (35.6%)
  • Patrick Dwyer (Gm) – 342 votes (1.7%)

44th District (Borough Park, Midwood and Bensonhurst)

  • David Greenfield (D) – 13,638 (82%)
  • Joseph Hayon (R) – 2,990 (18%)

45th District (Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood)

  • Jumaane Williams (D) – 19,889 (96.8%)
  • Erlene King (R) – 664 (3.2%)

46th District (Mill Basin, Marine Park, Canarsie)

  • Alan Maisel (D) – 19,746 (80.3%)
  • Anthony Testaverde – 4,834 (19.7%)

47th District (Coney Island, Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach)

  • Mark Treyger (D) – 8,267 (71.2%)
  • Andrew Sullivan (R) – 3,112 (26.8%)
  • Connis Mobley (ScC) – 224 (1.9%)

48th District (Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Midwood)

  • Chaim Deutsch (D) – 9,361 (55.1%)
  • David Storobin (R) – 6,645 (39.1%)
  • Igor Oberman (WF) – 850 (5%)
  • Alexander Lotovsky (Other) – 138 (0.8%)

With tremendous thanks to WNYC, for the live election breakdowns.

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  1. Congrats to Midwood and Flatbush. I sure hope that OUR (District 48) resources don’t somehow find there way to outside districts.

  2. Chaim ran a great race. He must be told Mazal Tov on it. He clearly did well in every segment of the Community, and not just one. That is important, because it clearly demonstrates that his message of inclusion was accepted by all. He will clearly represent all of the District not only a limited portion of it. While, he might come from the Flatbush/Midwood Community, he is now (as he always was) part of our greater geographic community.
    As to Sheepshead Bites, great job covering the election. Just one favor, post the results for each polling place (wait until Davidzon writein ballots are counted). This way, the public can get a better understanding how each segment of the Community has voted. Great coverage Ned. Keep up the Good work….

    Now, both of you, take a short, but well earned vacation..

  3. Sheepshead Bay dodged a real bullet here with not electing Storobin, I am sure my countless posts had a lot to with that 🙂

    Of course none of that really matters since DeBlacio a.k.a Dinckens v1.5 is going to be mayor. Thinking of starting a business in NYC some time soon? You will be better off quieting your job right now and collecting all type of government handouts.

  4. oh so you’d prefer a mayor who looks for more and more regulations to throw on small businesses like bloomberg did?

  5. Re-read what I wrote. DeBlacio is going to make Bloomberg look like Ron Paul after he is done regulating business, schools, and everything you do. He is a self proclaimed communist/socialist.

  6. With the overwhelming majority of our native best and brightest gone to make their mark in other pastures, it behooved me to see that Deutsch and Storobin were the best the lead ing parties could come up with…But the writing, no longer with the historic Brooklynese can certainly be heard and seen if one now walks the seminal streets of southern Brooklyn, where that special sunlight that created so many of those best and brightest still shines…At my polling place yesterday, I was encouraged by an eastern Slavic female to vote for Storobin and a wig attired frumette to vote for Deutsch…I thought about my beloved grandparents who wisely came to our blessed shores over one hundred years ago, to escape the balkanization and ghettoization, and them versus us mentality, that eventually and for other reasons, wiped out the rest of that side of my family in the holocaust…What a breath of fresh air it would be to come to a land who had within its’ creed, the enlightened idea, of “E Pluribus Unum” (Essentially, from many, united as One!) and a Wall of Separation between Church (Including Synagogue and Mosque) and State, which didn’t exist, and caused great hardship for many, in the lands they had come from!….And I look around here, and I see some of this same balkanization and ghetto mentality, constantly being encouraged by many of my so called, bretheren! Let’s hope, Deutsch, who didn’t even go to one of our local Yeshivahs, advocates and works for the benefit of ALL of us, in our otherwise booming and fine part of our great Borough!!!


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